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  1. They didn't put a lot of money into it The live action trailer yes.. but the old maps didnt cost them really anything to port old graphics into the new game-- they did that a LONG time ago when Black Ops first came out, hence why when I paid $136.00 for the RC car + Black Ops, I got the original maps :P
  2. So, sam siwtches or converts energy to richtofen (all perks) richtofen has a little moment of power and rants about killing people.. ok... sam still wants to kill richtofen... Now, are we at a point where as I read from other posters... Sam will replace richtofen in the new Zombie series (that probably wont be for two years when a new COD is released) and now richtofen is controlling the zombies... hence the eye color change? I mean.. it's pretty clear that Richtofen gets some pretty crazy powers when he starts talking -just-like-sam- ... I don't understand now... I get the story so far, with Dr. Maxis and Samantha and Richtofen up UNTILL we near completion of the egg and Richtofen turns super human, zombies change eye color and the earth blows up... Anyone read any GOOD theories about this? As right now... im a little confused.. As IMO if Richtofen was some sick l unatic who just reaped some powers directly from Sam and the zomes MAY be under the control of richtofen now.. why are they still attacking him ? :/ I dunno.. someone help please, I want to understand where we go from here... as COD(Z) Game designer said "Season Finale" not series finale.. so, that would mean they plan to continue the story. Which also means we would have to go back to the nuked earth.. as how much more fun could the moon be?> :/ Now it also brings into light, what about the dream theory.. maybe none of THIS is happening as we see it, but maybe in some way it really is happening, just not ... I dunno, now im rambling and not connecting dots.. this is why I need help!! Haha.. none of the dots are connecting anymore.. at least most of the solid theories out there pre-moon, ran relatively parralel with one another with the story.. but.. now what?! AHHH!!
  3. I've already done the Shang easter egg.. now I havent done Call Of The Dead yet, do I need to have done it CoOp or can I do the solo version?
  4. What if you 'detonated the napalm zombies next to the gongs?
  5. It is just a saying and in that I can see why Treyarch would use that as a dialouge, as the group itself isn't neccesarily the most intelligent.. So to use such cliche dialouge at any point in the game, it certainly suits that moment :)
  6. Mustand Sally or Laz.. Hmmm... I Like M&S in Ascension, but not in CoTD... I'd rather upgrade the scavanger for an effictivley explosive weapon and as far as the Laz goes.. I love it, I DO NOT conisder it a gimmick weapon, it has saved me a number of times, I've squeezed the trigger three times, landed three hits and run thru a swarm with all the distracted zombies.. However, these guns can not be compared... you may as well have asked, "Which super 2ndary weapon do you prefer?" As assuming these are the only two people would choose from is blind. As MOST people DO hate the VR-11... it's well known that people will put it back in the box, for an RPK/HK/RAY GUN or Scav the first chance they get .. but IMO I believe people that put it in the box are smart to do so, only because it makes it so I can get it As it's better to have someone use it who knows how to, rather than an imbolent who doesnt understand it's purpose.. KITE!
  7. .. because they teleport... You see... when you teleport.. theres a tunnel.. with light... and they teleport.. thru this tunnel with light.. till they reach an area, where they are no longer teleporting... in this case, in that 'safe room' and you just happen to hear them comment about it, also -- if you remember, the wunder waffle was destroyed in Der Reise supposedly, so seeing how Richtofen gives you the Wunder Waffle as a gift, it could either be... THATS where they go after Der Reise -- firts time teleporting, so would obviously have a comment or two about it... anyways, so the WW was never destroyed but actually handed off somewhere in the future.. or, it is pre-der reise and it still is the first time teleporting, so again-- of couse someone would make a comment to their travel... Either way, I think it's a bit more sound, to assume im right and they arent talking about a tunnel, as obviously from the conversations in the room-- they have no idea where or what time they are in, let alone that beyond the 2 ton steel and sealed door, there is a secret tunnel somewhere... *cough* But.. good thread..
  8. If that were true, then what I got from that is they had a meeting coming up to discuss the future of Zombies and so that they could iron out what was in the works and with steve having other priorities (that certainly pay better aswell) with his awful adventure game (I hate adventures)... They discussed Map Pack 3--- not 2... Which is obvious, as Dempsey and the gang.. are not coming back till then :P
  9. That was for Call of The Dead though.. not ascension.. so no... and I think I speak for everyone.. No one knows where your going with that vague statement.. im not sure you know either, or you would have stated what is so clearly obvious? haha
  10. I re-checked the easter egg, and i found that Dempsey was saying things i haven't heard from him (or anyone) before. "Great that did something" (throwing the gersh) "Two down" (activating the power) I was running it in solo and couldn't finish it. I dont remember any sayings referencing the egg itself. If anyone wants to run it inbox me for my GT He already said those things.. you don't play obsessively enough like me ;)
  11. Or maybe it turns a zombie(s) into humans for a second or perm so that other zombies will go after them.. like Monkey Bombs but not..
  12. When you pap a weapon... it gains a reflex Sooo..... lol not sure whats being confirmed here.. lol
  13. Good point.. if the voice actors are scheduled to do other games atm, of course they'll postpone the original zombie story... Its just like a TV series, when an actor gets a deal with a movie they will usually write off the character perm or temporarily.. till their other job is done.. Never thought of that.. hmm
  14. This kid is a such a liar.. You know more than 1/2 the people that said they werent going to buy First Strike DID... And the guy says he is buying it for the MP maps... I guarantee day 01 he plays the Zombie map... lol.. You pay for it, you're going to do it.. NO ONE... protests a game or it's gameplace, admits to wanting to pay for it, then ignores 100% of it's features... it's like the Christians who protested harry potter on opening day and saw it on DVD... COME ON!!! This forum is to discuss the game, not openly protesting it, hoping to rally people to your cause for brains and thumbs... in my honest opinion-- there is always a time to grow up.. and today, that is your day.
  15. Yup... He's right -- a majority of the players out there know NOTHING about the radios or the story, just that there are zombies that you shoot... So treyarch is ruining nothing..

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