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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7nl9nmqdLU Proof im a Takeo:) I Was Shooting For 30+ But Oh Well :lol:
  2. If the 4 main characters paintings are there then maybe its somebody else we play as (JFK, Nixon, Robert Englund etc.)
  3. The second coming might refere to you being alive once, dying, then coming back as a zombie.
  4. I dont think there is anything there because if there was we wouldnt be able to see it. What would be the point of having something there and not being able to see it? Its probably just blacked out to set a creepy mood.
  5. Ive noticed something - Elena Siegman (girl who sing songs in zombies maps) might be singing about Samantha. The lyrics to her songs could be about Samantha because of the whole left hand of all that is sacred and stuff like that that has to do with a person. Another theory that points this out is that in Call of the Dead it seems like there is nothing to do with Samantha in that map and the song is sung by Avenged Sevenfold not Elena Siegman.
  6. I think whoever made the radio transmissions was just a random scientist who we wouldnt know who is.
  7. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt do anything but I heard that they give extra pick-ups from some people.
  8. Me and two of my friends were brainstorming possible things that we can do in Zombies and we started talking about the Zombies storyline. My friend said why are there so many weird things here? This is supposed to be a theatre. why so many odd things like the meteorites? the things in those pods? the GIANT TELEPORTER ON THE STAGE? I suggested that Kino Der Toten was really a Nazi research facility. The whole Theatre thing could be just a cover-up so no one will find out about what te Nazis are doing. What do you guys think ?
  9. Also, the light that is pointing toward the power switch is the same as Romeros light when he is near death. (flickering orange)
  10. Maybe the numbers she says are coordinates to where ascension is!
  11. Im never gonna be able to believe such far fetched stories without video proof. Sorry.
  12. Interesting theory, but perhaps you wouldnt meet with the other characters. Personaly I believe Ascension will be on Ascension Island between Brazil and some African country on the coast. I think the island is owned by the U.K.
  13. Well, there is time travel involved with Zombies...not likely but a theory.
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