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  1. keyzersoze88

    Interaction with Romero

    No problem man we're all just looking for answers We have to challenge each other now and again if we are going to get results! [brains]
  2. keyzersoze88

    Interaction with Romero

    Unless i have missed it multiple times he does not mention anything about blue crosshairs in the Inside XBOX video. It was mentioned above because it shows up on the loading screen for COTD. If you could point out in the video where its mentioned I would reconsider but as of now I see no reason to believe that the blue crosshairs are any different in this map than the others.
  3. keyzersoze88

    Interaction with Romero

    ...just a couple posts up...there's the answer...krauss refibrillator...blue crosshairs when you aim at a teammate...
  4. keyzersoze88

    Interaction with Romero

    Blue cross-hairs are seen when you aim the Krauss Refibrillater at a teammate. At least thats what it was in Kino, Ascension, and Five. It instantly revives them.
  5. keyzersoze88

    call of the dead-list- what we know so far

    In the meantime here is a transcript I made of the opening cut-scene. Yeah its on youtube but this was fun to make and could be used for something I guess. *Opens with black screen with George Romero voice-over* George Romero: I’ve always liked the monster within idea. I like the zombies being us. Its like, zombies are the blue collar monsters. *Lightning strikes behind the lighthouse, a zombie appears on screen* *Cut to Trejo raising a machete wielding fist into the air against the background of the night sky with a lightning bolt* *The machete drops and a head flies* *We get our first look at Danny Trejo wielding akimbo machetes* Danny Trejo: We’re completely surrounded!! *Robert Englund runs into the scene with a pitchfork* Robert Englund: We’re completely f@cked. *Englund rams the pitchfork into a zombie’s gut* *Pan out to Michael Rooker who has akimbo sawed-off double barrels* *Rooker headshots a zombie with each of the shotguns* Michael Rooker: Are you girls kiddin’ me?!? I’ve been praying for this sh1t! C’MON!! *Behind Rooker Sarah Michelle Gellar kicks a zombie through a door to open it and struts out* Sarah Michelle Gellar: Boys, lets get to work. *Epic zombie slaying by Trejo and Englund* *Rooker swings the butt of his shotgun at a zombie and misses* Zombie Extra: For God’s sake he missed me AGAIN! *The fighting stops and a movie clapper board covers the screen* *Clapper board reads: Call of the Dead, Scene 07, Shot 15, Take 11, Director George A. Romero* *We see the entire movie production and Romero walks up to Rooker* George Romero: (exasperated sigh at Rooker) Cut! Are you blind man? Like this. *Nails Englund in the face with the butt of the shotgun* Robert Englund: OOOWWW. UGH. George Romero: See?! Danny Trejo: No, jefe. I do it like this! *Trejo bops Englund on the head with the handle of his machete* Robert Englund: O-Ugh! Danny! Sarah Michelle Gellar: I do it like this. *Gellar struts up to Englund and spin kicks him in the face and he goes flying back onto the ground* *A zombie emerges from a window in the background* George Romero (to zombie): Get back to hair and makeup. You don’t look dead enough. Zombie Extra: C’mon lets go… *Extra tries to lead zombie away but is flipped* Zombie: ARRGGHHH. RAAAWRRR. AAAARGH. *Zombie gives epic scream into camera and grabs Romero and runs off screen with him* Michael Rooker: That ain’t in the script. *Flips shotgun barrels into position* *Michael Rooker nameplate on a freeze frame* Danny Trejo: We’re writin’ a new one. It’s called maggot-death MASSACRE! *Double machete strikes into zombie) (Danny Trejo nameplate on a freeze frame* Robert Englund: This is a real NIGHTMARE. *Stabs zombie with pitchfork* *Robert Englund nameplate on freeze frame* *Gellar jams a sickle into a zombie, proceeds to karate pose* Sarah Michelle Gellar: Let’s slay some stiffs! *Sarah Michelle Gellar nameplate on a freeze frame* *Epic slaying of real zombies using melee weapons, akimbo double barrels, and karate skills* *Rooker’s 5th shot from the shotguns blows the camera to black*
  6. keyzersoze88

    call of the dead-list- what we know so far

    I'm going to work on getting locations and transcripts for the radios tomorrow (aka later today). Currently the "best" i can find is Syndicate and their videos and transcripts are absolute sh*t. They ignore half of the transmission and are relying on whoever posts a transcript first. I'll do my best but unfortunately won't have vids because i have nothing to record with.
  7. keyzersoze88

    call of the dead-list- what we know so far

    youtube videos confirm that if you defeat Romero with the uprgraded Scavenger he drops a death machine and a random perk bottle.
  8. keyzersoze88

    call of the dead-list- what we know so far

    there are 4 horns located around the map that make different noises there is a dial on the wall of each level of the lighthouse that can be moved between 0-9 there are two levers in the power room that can be moved to varying degrees the water freezes both you and zombies. this can help and hurt you. shooting Romero with the V-R11 will cause him to exit rage mode there is also a slide out of the bottom floor of the lighthouse that can be used like the flinger and zip lines
  9. keyzersoze88

    Highest Round on Dead Ops Arcade?

    36 or 38 w 2 people...i dont remember...check my sig.
  10. keyzersoze88

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    46 solo, 32 w four man team

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