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  1. Sorry guys we playing already... But the people who don't get to play can start up their own match!
  2. Right now is good! You can invite me cause I have someone else who wants to play but can'r join my game.
  3. NO! You are just going to steal it. You will instantly try and be like, "Haha I found this first it was all me no help it was my idea and I did it gimme glory hahaha give me brains" Exactly. But if you want to give me your GT we can all take the glory! :D
  4. I have a very good idea of how to do this! I need people to play with me so we can get to a high round and open everything up. And also someone with a cap card? RoflWaffles? Send me a message on xbox and I'll invite you. GT: Chill Child 413
  5. Please invite me to a game! My gamertag is Chill Child 413
  6. Hey I was just playing five solo and I was camping in the basement by the box (I have the game paused right now) and something EPIC just happened. I was on round 8 when and there were 2 more zombies left. A running zombie and a crawler. I killed the running zombie and got I nuke. I wanted to save it for the next round. So I killed the crawler. Then the next round started and it was the Thief round! I got the nuke and it killed the thief and something strange happened. I got an instant max ammo without touching one and the alarm the goes off during a thief round won't stop. I will update if anything else happens because this seen like I found either an EPIC easter egg, or an annoying glitch. Has this happened to anyone else? PS: Look at the leader boards on xbox! PEOPLE HAVE PLAYED ASCENSION!!!
  7. WOLFY COULD YOU PLEASE REMOVE THE LONG GIFS FROM YOUR SIG PLEASE? EVERY TOPIC I VIEW THAT YOU POST IN FREEZES MY MACBOOK!!! And sorry for the giant text but it's just REALLY annoying! I couldn't even watch the videos on this topic because my Mac was going so slow. And also another CoDz member has a long GIF as their avatar with a guy falling over after smoking something (I think) and that freezes me up too. And I'm not trying to be rude, but there really is no need for people to have long GIFS in their signatures... Thanks.
  8. Good idea! I can't do this but I'm sure someone should be able to... [brains]
  9. Well in solo the quick revive machine becomes an self-revive right? Well maybe that's what Phd Flopper is. And maybe you have your primary gun when your downed too. And maybe, just maybe you can only buy it 3 times for each person. And maybe there is a new machine? The Attachment Machine. -Puts a random scope with a random attachment on your gun including a randomly generated scope (ACOG or Red Dot) with random colors, and random sights. -Each time the Attachment Machine is used, it moves (like the Mystery Box) to a random place. Oh, and also, Stamin-Up makes you run faster and ADS quicker. That is all. Maybe.
  10. Zombies Mode Map - Ascension Set in an "abandoned Soviet cosmodrome," Ascension features the regular cast of Zombies players (Takeo, Nikoli, Dempsey, and Rictoffen). But it does include new enemies, including Space Monkeys who steal perks. Uh.... what? New weapons include the Gersch Device or "Black Hole Bomb" and Matryoshka Dolls. Those damned dirty monkeys will be swiping new perks that include Stamin-Up and PhD Flopper, the benefits of which we're not quite sure. Source Here- http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/114/1144268p1.html OMG!
  11. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! When Maxis attempted to teleport Fluffy, Samantha's dog. What happened? The dog was teleported, but it came back in a ball of electricity. And it became a hellhound, or in other words, evil. Then Samantha, now evil, was teleported away to be saved from being eaten by the hellhound. And while Dr. Maxis was being killed by the hellhound, Samantha was being teleported to her room where she was unable to leave. So she created a game where she could control 4 war hero's which where survivors in the zombie attack, and play a little game with them. And since the teleporter sends you to a certain place at random time in Samantha's bedroom, it means that when you go to Sam's bedroom and it's clean and nice, that means the time was before Edward Richtophen betrayed Maxis and teleported Sam to her room. It also means that when you teleport to Sam's bedroom and it's dirty and destroyed, than the time is after Sam was teleported there. The reason why the room is messed up is because a zombie probably came in and killed Samantha while she was playing the game. Sam now becomes a ghost. And after all, a spirit needs to finish what it started before it can ascend to heaven. That is why she is evil and tries to kill the 4 man team, so she can finish the game. Why is there a giant teddy bear in the room? Because the teddy bear is a big time symbol of evil in all the Call of Duty games. Maybe that is why Ascension is the name of the next zombie map? But the question is, why is the map at a cosmodrome? There is much more to be uncovered.
  12. "Beware of the 6" Do you know what it means? If not, your about to find out. Oh, and by the way, I'm NOT Treyarch. :mrgreen:
  13. So we all know that the next zombie map is going to be called Ascension. And to ascend is to go or move upward. Well, I have had an idea for quite a while now that maybe Ascension will be the upper floors of the Pentagon. I think this because "Five" is held in the lower floors of the Pentagon and the Pentagon has eight floors. In "Five" we play in the bottom 3 floors. We know this because the labs have been proven to be the bottom floor of the Pentagon in "Five". So what could happen is we could play in the top four floors of the Pentagon in Ascension. But it doesn't stop there. I also think that we will play as Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolia in the top four floors of the Pentagon in Ascension. I think this because there are pictures of Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolia scattered around the outside of "Five". Maybe there could even be eight players on Ascension where Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolia meet up with the people in the map "Five". Well okay that's all I have for now so please discuss and tell me what you think about Ascension being the upper levels of "Five".
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