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    Next wonder weapon idea

    we already had the flamethrower I agree, i think a fire based weapon is out of the question probably a light based weapon will be the next to make a debut, something gold that fires yellow beams of light, much like the heat ray. it would be awesome if they put a spin on it like the holy hand grenades from worms The flamethrower wasnt a wunderwaffe. but i have also come up with something new. The Kaiser Bear easter egg from finest hour. Now, when you get the bear you wont be all, NOOOOOOO!!!!! but they'd have to change the box moving thing, so this idea is questionable.

    Next wonder weapon idea

    My idea is a cannon that fires a Ball of Fire. The ball hits zombies, kills them, and then continues to roll on the ground for about thirty seconds, then the flame is depleted. if the player touches the fire ball that HE FIRED he will get downed, unless he has juggernog. Clip- 1 Ammo-29

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    we could try 1234 8-)

    Black_Hole> level.black.HOLD.bomb code found

    And the loc.= undefined. so... there IS going to be a patch for the easter egg finish!

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    27 on solo :D

    Obvious Ascension Hints that We Didnt Notice

    isnt is tatoo a werewolf?? i couldnt see it clearly. woods never. stopped. moving. DX

    Obvious Ascension Hints that We Didnt Notice

    I dunno, I just figured there's differences across all the different consoles, and maybe the special edition had some minor in-game differences too besides just the code for the free zombie maps. possibly... 8-)

    Obvious Ascension Hints that We Didnt Notice

    but the numbers are everywhere in "Five" :D

    Obvious Ascension Hints that We Didnt Notice

    i have prestiege for x360 as well, altough i have no idea why that matters:p Also, i just watched my bro play executive order. I may be wrong so dont go off about it, but i think it says 115 AND the picture tatoo below it is a gorilla.
  10. Ok so, when you are onthe Campaign Mission- Executive Order- Look at Frank Woods's arm. He has a tatoo that says "115" and we all know what that means. This is not a coincidence, because in the next mission ("SOG") That tatoo then says- "SOG TOUGH" Also, i recently got on Zombies and got the Famas out of the box. Richtofen says- "Ascension... Hehehehehe:D" and now, on campaign, go to Revelations. Look at your mission goal. It now says "Ascension" instead of numbers.
  11. METALLICA175

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    Good catch there, genieus ;)
  12. METALLICA175

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    they need to put in the dragon's breath SPAS 12 from campaign. those incineraries were awesome:D BTW- My Prediction for Ascension- I think it might be a prelude to "Five" BECAUSE Mason says "Ascension" at the end of the campaign. In that picture you see JFK, Mason, and McNamara (or whatever) Also, at the beginning of the video for "Five" they are talking about a "missle crisis" and how they "ALMOST BLEW OURSELVES UP". Then Ascension's location is a soviet MISSLE launching station. I hope im wrong, because then we wont have new quotes from Tank and Nikolai. The guys say HILARIOUS things:p

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