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  1. I'm behind the thoery that the new perk is something along the lines of Quick Draw, or as someone said the Scout Pro perk. Credit goes to FooToo for doing teh research, but if you can find the right pic, you can see the new Perk Machine. On the Machine looks like a cartoony Cowboy or a bandit, complete with a bandana over his face. Plus with the Perk's logo, there's not 3 solid looking guns in the logo, it's one solid gun, followed by a less visible one, then a nearly gone gun on the bottom. Here's a pic of the new machine, credit again goes to FooToo for it: http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/7008/image9qre.png Plus, if you think about it, aside form Double Tap, our perks all have physical effects on a human body: JUGGERNOG: Resiliant Character QUICK REVIVE: Makes someone get up faster SLEIGHT OF HAND: Increases reload speed STAMIN-UP: Decreases the weight of everything carried by a character PHD: Protects the body from explosions DEADSHOT: Makes a character's vision always go to a zombie's head when he's ADS What kind of phyiscal effect could a 3 Gun Perk have? he'd have to increase his body size and the size of one's carrying equipment (like a backpack or w/e) to carry that many guns or something like that, which sounds highly unlikely. So, in all likelyhood, the new perk is Quick Draw, which would allow one to DRAW their gun faster.
  2. Same sort of thing. Richtofan was learning all sorts of new things about Element 115 and what it could do while he was working for Dr. Maxis, hence why he knows as much as he does throughout the rest of the maps.
  3. The bottle's a reused graphic. You can find that particular bottle in tons of other places, more specifically in Kino right at the start by the Quick Revive Machine, with 3 shot glasses sitting right by it.
  4. The poster's related to the dials in the lighthouse. The missing pieces all have the same color codes as the dials, so an idea is to match the missing pieces to their corresponding colors.
  5. Ok me and a friend of mine just got to the "Golden Rod" step, which would be step 4, and did the control room knob turning and lever pulling, but nothing happened. :S Did we miss something by chance?
  6. There's a couple of spots in the Inside Xbox video where people are sniping from lord knows how far away, and two survivors run through the scope. One scope of course being the G11 scope too. But ya, honestly I liked that part of Verruckt, that made that map much more intense!
  7. No vampires, whoever started that rumor is a moron. That's not a vampire in that pic, it's an actor looking like a zombie getting stabbed with a pitchfork.
  8. But again, why rush things? Even if they did have a testing group for their new zombies ideas, they'd have to rush to complete every single zombie map on time, and I bet it even has something to do with the voice actors themselves, specifically Steve Blum who plays Dempsy and Nolan North who plays Rochtofan. North just got done doing voiceover work for Portal 2 and now he's working on Uncharted 3 (where he obviously plays Nathan Drake) so even if Treyarch wanted to do things this way, there's no possible way they actually could.
  9. That I can understand, Der Riese is a great map, don't get me wrong, but let's look at this way: Would you rather have the zombie team come up with like...2 or 3 new ideas and rush their zombie map that has our original 4 heroes on it? Or would you rather them TEST new elements they wanna bring to us, get feedback, and make those new elements even better when they do put our original 4 characters in it? I'm not against change one bit, and have caught on to the pattern Treyarch's throwing at us, so I see no need for ANYONE to honestly bitch and complain about this map, especially when their main argument is the characters we play as.
  10. Actually on the inside Xbox thing, Trejo knocks Englund in the head when he's talking to Romero, and Englund refers to him as Danny. And in terms of this whole post in general, I have to disagree with the OP's opinion as well. Think of it this way, Treyarch's got a pattern going on with these zombie maps: Kino: Introduced some new elements to the traditional zombie mode Five: Brought in the elements from Kino and added even more new elements, ie a new boss round, multi levels, an even more interactive way of getting to the PaP Machine Ascenesion: Brought in the elements from Five that worked and pegged them to the traditional zombie elements, and even introduced more new elements, ie a bigger map, a new boss round that did something else even newer, new perks. CotD: Probably gonna be bringing in some elements from Ascension, like the large map size, and introduces even more new elements to the zombie mode while bringing back some old favorite mechanics, like being able to handle the zombies in teams of 2 on separate parts of the map like on Verrukt. Whatever the next map is: Will probably introduce new things while bringing in the things from CotD that worked. So just think of it this way. And like Alpha said, we haven't even played CotD yet. It's cool to give an opinion, but who knows, this may be the most fast paced, action packed map ever.
  11. If you're basing it off the song heard in the more recent movie-style trailer, that's probably NOT the song. Probably. I think it's just the one they used for THAT trailer. If you even remember correctly, at the end of FIVE (SCRIPT MAP?), it had the same Game Over music as Kino, aka Abracadaver, the song from Ascension. So even if the song in this one isn't an Elena Song, it may have the same Game Over music as Ascension, which will only make us want DLC 3 more. Did I mention SCRIPT MAP btw? ya but bottom line, Treyarch didn't kill anything. Like PULSE said, in the Inside Xbox trailer, Romero was digging through some Nazi Documents for his new WWII when stumbled upon the shit Group 935 did. So when he started basing his movie off those documents, the document related shit came to life. It may not be a DIRECT story arch, but it will be related TO the story arch.
  12. It'd take a hell of a lot of cover up to change 115 to SOGTOUGH. I've been noticing the 115 tattoo as well, it lasts through the whole game up until he gets killed.
  13. you definently need some proof. The Cosmic Silverback's already been discussed to be EXCLUSIVE to DOA, plus people who have reached later rounds haven't seen any bosses aside from Dogs. Soooo we need some proof.
  14. Actually, I just played Kino last night, and the building didn't shake at all. It was only parts of the roof coming down. The roof theory seems as likely as this: When you throw the power switch, the lights and sounds of the Theatre attract the Crawlers. Or Gassers, or w/e you wanna call them. As the (insert creature name here) amass on the roof, parts of the roof come down due to the mass number of (insert creature name here) gathering there at one time. Seems most likely to me at least, dunno about you guys.
  15. At the same time, thinking about some sort of big boss theory, zombieriese is right, "The Giant" was in fact a project name. In fact, I even think the factory's name was "Waffenfabrik (sp? I'm no good at German >_>) Der Riese", or Weapon Factory The Giant (Rough translation, like i said i'm no good with German). AND, in one of the Der Riese radios, Maxis himself even calls it "The Giant Project". It's the radio under the Quick Revive room, where Maxis is talking to Sophia about the Reich cutting his funding for "The Giant Project".

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