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  1. I've been saying this for a while myself. Everyone thought that those adds behind Ascension would be the Moon one. Glad to have all this sorted out, and my story theory proven correct!
  2. So, whilst stumbling along the interwebz, I came across a post on the Black Ops forums that aparently has the Killstreaks and the Perks for MW3 leaked. I'm not saying these are the official perks, but I felt the need to at least share this info with you guys. PERKS Classic 3 Tier system. TIER 1 EXTREME CONDITIONING - Sprint for longer distance (AKA Marathon) +PRO+Climb Objects Faster SLEIGHT OF HAND - Reload weapons faster +PRO+ Faster Weapon Swapping SCAVENGER - Pretty much is the same as it's been since MW2; Refill ammo from dead enemies +PRO+ Spawn with extra ammo BLIND EYE - Undetectable from Air Support +PRO+ Faster Launcher Lock-On and Extra Damage to Air Support RECON - Explosive damage marks target on HUD +PRO+ Bullet damage marks target on HUD TIER 2 HARDLINE - Killstreaks cost 1 less kill +PRO+ Two Assists count as One kill towards your killstreaks ASSASSIN - Immune to UAV, Motion Sensor, Thermal and Heartbeat Sensor +PRO+ Immune to CUAV & EMP OVERKILL - Two Primary Weapons +PRO+ Second Weapon can have 2 attatchments QUICKDRAW - Faster ADS +PRO+ Faster Animation of using equipment and throwing grenades BLASTSHEILD - Protects from Explosives *ALA Flack Jacket* +PRO+ Immune to Stun Grenades and Flash Grenades TIER 3 SITREP - Detect enemy equipment +PRO+ Enemy footsteps become clearer DEAD SILENCE - Silent Footsteps +PRO+ No fall damage STALKER - Faster movement while in ADS +PRO+ Delays enemy Claymores MARKSMAN - ID targets from long range +PRO+ Longer breath Holding on Scoped Weapons STEADY AIM - Increased Hip-fire Accuracy +PRO+ Faster ADS from Sprinting That's just our perk list. Wait till you see the Killstreak lists. According to the leak, Killstreaks are also seperated into 3 Tiers, ASSAULT, SUPPORT and SPECIALIST. SPECIALIST 2 Kills - gain a 4th perk 4 Kills - gain a 5th perk 6 Kills - gain a 6th perk (It seems that these would likely go away if you died, in a bit of a nod to Black Ops's Gun Game, and you'd be back to 3 perks again) SUPPORT These Killstreaks seem to support everyone on the team; 4 Kills - UAV 5 Kills - Counter UAV 5 Kills - Ballistic Duffel; Drops the Juggernaut Perk for the whole team 5 Kills - Airdrop Trap; Calls in a hacked Care Package 8 Kills - SAM Turret 10 Kills - Remote UAV; a controlable UAV, able to fire missles at your enemies 12 Kills - Advanced UAV; MW3's Blackbird 12 Kills - Remote Turret; a Sentry Gun you can actually control 12 Kills - Stealth Bomber 18 Kills - EMP 18 Kills - Juggernaut Recon Armor - Care Package Armor Drop 18 Kills - Escort Drop; Drops 5 Care Packages, 1 of which will be hacked ASSAULT 4 Kills - Care Package 5 Kills - IMS; 3 or 4 placeable landmines that can't be stunned or flashed 5 Kills - Predator Missle 5 Kills - Sentry Gun 6 Kills - Precision Airstrike 7 Kills - Attack Helicopter 7 Kills - Little Bird Flock; Mini helicopters that patrol the map 9 Kills - Little Bird Gaurd; A bigger helicopter that hovers above YOU and protects you 9 Kills - Mortar Team; not the Black Ops version, it's a group of 5 Predator Missles that go off at the same time in different places 10 Kills - Talcon; a mini tank robot 12 Kills - AC130 12 Kills - Pavelow 15 Kills - Juggernaut Suit; become The Juggernaut... So, like I said, this IS NOT official yet, but if it is, what are your thoughts? I may actually have to give the MP a chance now, it's looking pretty epic, long as these lists are true.
  3. Friends, commrades, zombie slayers, lend me to your ears! .....okay don't do that, but since I share as many joyus nerdgasms as the rest of you for our new Moon map, I'd liek to provide my own analysis on things i've seen, after watching the recent Inside X-Box video they put up yesterday (being saturday). - The size of this map looks abslutely insane o.o - The acheivments list from COD.com proved my theory wrong about the new perk. Looks like we're getting a 3 gun perk after all. - I'm curious to see what this new Hacking tool does. A friend of mine thought that maybe, when you hack a gun on a wall, you might be able to get it at a lower price? Just a thought. - THANK GOD WE HAVE OUR CHARACTERS BACK Zombies is nothing without Ze Doctor and the rest of the crew! - I can see some people would like to think that this map comes before Ascension still. Why? Just cause the loading screen for Moon is behind Ascension's? That doesn't prove much, but, I feel I should make a seperate post on this, so be on the lookout. - On an interesting note, it seems like when the characters have their space helmets on, they can communicate to eachother through a radio of sorts, which saves people from not being able to hear conversations between the characters. - It seems as if we know where our Pack-A-Punch machine is now! Thank goodness! But, when we go to it, our round counter dissapears Plus, from what I've seen of the gameplay from the Insider Moves, it seems that you're given a clock that counts up and times how long you can survive at Area 51, where they proceed to throw Hellounds and a metric assload of zombies at you. - The new Wonder Weapon, the Wave Gun, looks really freaking sweet. From what i've seen of it though, it seems as if, no matter if you Pack-A-Punch it or not, the weapon can be dual-weilded. Here's why I say that: On one of the more recent trailers, there was a small clip of someone holding a red device in one hand and a yellow in the other. When the Wave Gun isn't PaP'd, it's red and yellow. It's like the gun gets it own "Attatchment" without the need to PaP it. - I'm curious to see what this new "phasing zombie" is. - Thanks to Nikolai's Twitter account, I'm curious to see if maybe, through the Easter Egg, we finally get to actually see Samantha at the very least? She's in the comic panel/loading screen thing, and Nikolai keeps tweeting that he saw a little girl that took his vodka. Damn demonically possesed little crats *shakes my fist* - We seem to be getting some interesting new power-up drops ALA Dead Ops. In the Insider Moves video, you can see someone get a drop tha tlooks like a Spaz-12, and there was a moment in the botanical gardens where we can see the Ray Gun hovering in midair and shooting in circles. - The acheivments have sparked lots of excitement for this map, and have me asking lots of questions. CRYOGENIC SLUMBER PARTY - What will be the result of Richtofen's Grand Scheme? ONE SMALL HACK FOR MAN - What happens when we hack something? PERKS IN SPAAAAAACE - how the heck do we get all the perks in one game? Damn that's alotta work o.o GROUND CONTROL - Do we use the Hacking tool to prevent those excavators from breaching the base? All in all though, this may be THE most epic zombies map. Ever. IMO lol. Guess we'll know more in like 2 days eh? (Er, longer for everyone else that isn't a part of this forum lol)
  4. Thing is, i've seen no-clip tours of Kino, and the barrels on the stage are already open when there's no power =/ Plus, as someone mentioned, Tank calls them human, which in turn helps jog his memory in the overall story.
  5. Shit, we're STILL arguing about the timeline of the history of events? Fucking hell. Without Moon in the lineup, let's clear up the rest of the maps. In Ascension, Richtofen was NOT, I repeat, WAS NOT, wearing a SPACE suit. It should be clear form watching the Moon trailer that the suit Richtofen was in, WAS NOT a space suit, but as i've said probably 20 times by now, a HAZMAT SUIT, similar to the suits the characters wear in the single player campaign during the attack on Rebirth Island. Also, we all obviously know about the Gersch easter egg, and the noticeable cuts and nicks and scratches on Richtofen and the crew. Fast-forward to Call of the Dead. As you finish that Easter Egg, Tank makes a refrence to Gersch before leaving. If Ascension came after CotD, then how does Tank know about Gersch? In that sense, we know now the order of events for our 4 heroes, starting with their first adventure together, goes something like this: Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Der Toten Ascension Call of the Dead Now, let's fast forward to Shangri-La. If you've done the Easter Egg in CotD, playing as Richtofen causes you to start with The Golden Rod. In that sense, CotD HAS TO COME BEFORE Shangri-La. Not to mention, there's refrences to Ascension coming from most of the characters. When Tank hits the Pack-A-Punch, he'll mutter something along the lines of "Ancient Temples, Russian Cosmodromes, being stuck in a dark corner with Richtofen.....what an adventure...." This obviously shows that Tank's already experienced both Call of the Dead AND Ascension if he can make refrences to them. And when Takeo approaches the Mine Cart, he'll muttter "It's no Lunar Lander, but it will suffice". Now, when one of your friends is playing as Richtofen, take a moment to notice his Character Model in Shangri-La. Richtofen's model comes with a noticeably huge scar under his RIGHT EYE,which he didn't get until Ascension, where we first noticed that some things were wrong with our heroes phyiscally. If the above is proven true, then Ascnesion AND Call of the Dead both come before Shangri-La. The characters can't make refrences to things that haven't happened yet, nor can one aquire something before he can actually be there to get it. And no, i'm not speaking in terms of time travel, i'm simply speaking in the order of events that has occured for our 4 heroes. So if this is the case, then our order, starting with their very first adventure together, goes like this: Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Der Toten Ascension Call of the Dead Shangri-La Now, taken with all this intel, and the fact that The Moon has been labeled as "The Final Battle" where you can "Drive The Zombie Menace Away Once And For All", it's hard to think that the big, epic finale would come BEFORE all the things that have already happened. So if we were to include Moon in our lineup, then our character's adventure, in order of the events as they happen to them, goes like this: Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Der Toten Ascension Call of the Dead Shangri-La Moon All in all, my response to the OP is that Moon will come after Ascension.
  6. I doubt it's a Tri-Gun perk. Think of it like this: Aside from Double Tap, our perks are all physically affecting our characters. Some make us run lighter and faster, some strengthen our bodies, some protect us from explosions. What kind of phyiscal trait would happen with a 3 gun perk? =/ Besides, in the teaser footage they've shown, whoever's playing has the new perk, and he only has 2 guns. As awesome as a 3 gun perk would be, the Quick Draw perk makes more sense. It'd be like teh Scout Pro effect, where you can switch between everything faster. Think of how useful it could be, you're surrounded by a big group of zombies, your main gun runs out of ammo in the midst of the fight, you switch to your 2nd gun, but you have teh new perk, so low and behold, your gun comes out faster and you fend off the horde.
  7. I'm behind the thoery that the new perk is something along the lines of Quick Draw, or as someone said the Scout Pro perk. Credit goes to FooToo for doing teh research, but if you can find the right pic, you can see the new Perk Machine. On the Machine looks like a cartoony Cowboy or a bandit, complete with a bandana over his face. Plus with the Perk's logo, there's not 3 solid looking guns in the logo, it's one solid gun, followed by a less visible one, then a nearly gone gun on the bottom. Here's a pic of the new machine, credit again goes to FooToo for it: http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/7008/image9qre.png Plus, if you think about it, aside form Double Tap, our perks all have physical effects on a human body: JUGGERNOG: Resiliant Character QUICK REVIVE: Makes someone get up faster SLEIGHT OF HAND: Increases reload speed STAMIN-UP: Decreases the weight of everything carried by a character PHD: Protects the body from explosions DEADSHOT: Makes a character's vision always go to a zombie's head when he's ADS What kind of phyiscal effect could a 3 Gun Perk have? he'd have to increase his body size and the size of one's carrying equipment (like a backpack or w/e) to carry that many guns or something like that, which sounds highly unlikely. So, in all likelyhood, the new perk is Quick Draw, which would allow one to DRAW their gun faster.
  8. I like the idea of a Quick Draw perk, could be useful as hell. In theory, this would actually make more sense too. Aside from Double Tap, every perk seems to have some kind of physical affect on the body. JUGGS: Stronger Character QUICK REVIVE: Makes someone get up faster SLEIGHT OF HAND: Increases Reload Speed STAMIN-UP: Makes a character move lighter PHD: Makes a player explode if they'd take damage from a belly flop, and protects them from other explosions DEADSHOT: Always makes a character snap to a zombie's head when they ADS All physical traits right? So a Quick Draw perk would actually make alot mroe sense. [brains] for the OP
  9. I think there's more to the Area 51 part of the map. This was taken straight from the XBox Forums: "The undead have transformed Area 51 into a No Man’s Land, forcing our fearless heroes to escape to an abandoned top-secret moon base where they will face their ultimate challenge and bring an end to the Zombies menace." (SOURCE: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/b/co ... st-23.aspx So I'm thinking that Area 51 may be our starting map after all, where we have to complete a series of objectives to even get to the moon base. PLUS, there's an Inside XBox video out right now that takes a look at the new Toy Soliders expansion, at the end of video is breif amounts of gameplay from Moon, and I noticed there was a sextion of zombies gameplay that look like it takes place at the Hangar 18 MP map, which would be our Area 51. So, even if we don't start at Area 51, which would make more sense/be more awesome anyway, we'll be heading to Area 51 when we get our Moon maps. My money's on it being a starting place though, due to screenshots i've seen that show what look to be a gigantic teleporter inside the Hangar. If we started at Area 51, we try to power on the Teleporter, we dive into that Teleporter and we're on the "Top secret abandoned moon base". Just a thought though.
  10. Our original crew is back in this map btw. There's clearly shots of Nikolai firing the Wave Gun in the first Rezurrection trailer, and a shot of Tank in a space suit holding a Death machine. So, it's a safe bet that all 4 of our characters made it.
  11. I've thought something ilke that for a little while. Either Richtofen needs one more item, as you've stated, or he needs to take these newly aquired items to a certain place to fufil this "Trinity".
  12. Haha, thanks guys, i'll be sure to post more theories on this as I can come up with them.
  13. Richtofen needs the Focusing Stone for his big scheme. He obviously has all the perks, but i bet if our four characters come back on Moon, Richtofen will have both the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone.
  14. And I give some credit to Mr. RoflWaffles, as I figured this out responding to one of his posts. Okay, so I kinda have to do a little explaining here. Lately, in the past couple of maps, it seems like Richtofen's started to take a major liking to Nikolai (suspicions started in Ascension but grew even more...suspiciouser...>_>....during Shangri-La). Well, let's take a quick trip back to Call of the Dead for a moment, and we'll discover exactly why. If you head to one of the hidden radios on the front side of the boat in CotD (maybe, it's been a while since I've played that one), the radio mentions Richtofen's "experiments" only responding to certain kinds of stimuli. In that same radio, he mentions that "the Russian Subject only responds to stimuli period when Vodka is added". Now,remember that statement, and skip ahead to Shangri-La. Drink nearly any perk on that map as Nikolai, and Nikolai makes a Vodka refrence, correct? Quick Revive: "Ugh, Vodka and Fish do NOT mix!" Juggernog: "I feel so strong, and muscley all over, almost as good as Vodka!" etc etc. Piecing these bits of information together, it's obvious that our Perk Machines are the Stimuli Richtofen's using on his experiments that he talks about in Call of the Dead!! Now why is this important? Nikolai can taste the Vodka in Richtofen's Stimuli, and keeps responding in positive manners to the Stimuli. So, it would seem that Richtofen's sudden infactuation with our favorite drunk Russian soldier is mearly because Nikolai's responding to whatever experiemnts Richtofen is running on him!! A question remains however.... ...what does this mean in the long run of Richtofen's Grand Scheme, and where is it all gonna go on our Moon Map?
  15. Oh, and Mexican, SledgeHammer WAS making the next CoD, but they're helping Infinity Ward right now with MW3, and the only thing on Treyarch's Radar right now is the Wii port of MW3, so I'm guessing Treyarch's gonna step up again, THEN SledgeHammer, since SH can't work on their CoD till MW3 launches.
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