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    New perk is NOT dual weild

    He was just saying, he didn't say oh I'm going to purposely target this guy when making this post. Sure your theory was wrong but it's a theory. I know the theory is wrong, what I'm trying to say is if he wanted to say something he should have just said it in my thread, rather making another one. And if he was wondering about the helmet, he should have posted a thread about that and not the title saying that my theory is wrong. I'll take any comments you'd like on my thread, but you don't have to make another one just saying your opinion. It's a waste of a thread in my opinion. I didn't know this was your theory :/ I've just read people posting it since the launch of the trailer and realised it is false so thought i'd let everyone know. I haven't read your topic.
  2. Shebby-x

    New perk is NOT dual weild

    As you can see the player has the perk and yet if you look at his ammo he only has one gun. There is also an attachment if you press up?
  3. Shebby-x

    Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    Electrified zombies definitely have a much larger chance of dropping max ammos, if you've got your full train then just stab George and let him get pissed off. Once you see the electricity around the zombies just shoot your Scav/WW and you should get a max ammo. I once got 2 max ammos from one scavenger shot :)
  4. Shebby-x

    Lighthouse dials /!?

    thanks, tacinsert's video was perfect..
  5. Shebby-x

    Lighthouse dials /!?

    Can anyone show me a video that shows a clear way to set the dials without raping my brain?? Got stuck at this point both times I tried the EE and just left it in the end..

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