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  1. Is there any way out of this scenario: I went to the Pack a Punch and pap'd all 3 of my weapons, I teleport back, only to be blocked by both excavators. I'm trying to get back to the Mule Kick area, is there any hackers on the side by the spawn?
  2. Outside in the Mule Kick area is pretty boss, I'm doing it right now
  3. I'm playing with my friend and he's Richtofen, as blue.
  4. I find that a tad bit ironic that you have pareidolia playing in the background whilst talking about a face on the earth. in all seriousness though, it could be something, I think the shadow on the moon probably does have something to do with samantha though.
  5. that's a win, that's a zombies on the moon killing win! [brains]
  6. Indeed I realize the big scheme, I'm merely saying that maybe instead of controlling the zombies, he could be just saying that he has all the perks. It could still be used for other things though, like in some of the theories. :lol:
  7. When Richtofen gets the Focusing Stone and he says "I control them all!" what if he was just meaning that he has all the perks. Although I still think that controlling the zombies/other theories would be cool as well, I'm just putting this out there.
  8. Thanks for the info I also searched this forum and didn't find a thing on topic though :?
  9. Sorta first post here, so ease a bit with the hating. My friend told me once that when you've gotten Quick Revive 3 times, so the machine is gone, and when you don't have it anymore (so you can't get it again), if you kill George, you won't get Quick Revive at all. I searched online and didn't find a thing, so I'm just wondering if it's true, or if you CAN get Quick Revive back from killing George.
  10. That makes about 200% sense. :lol:
  11. I just got both Call of the Dead and Shangri-la last night, but after I updated Blackops and started a solo round on Shangri-la. I was Richtofen (and I've played Shangri-la before as Richtofen and I had the golden rod), although I didn't possess the Golden rod. Is it that maybe they took out the golden rod for richtofen in this update?
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