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  1. For anyone who has completed the Rich Egg: On the trample steam part, do the flung zombies need to be hitting the tower or just launched from the golden zombie symbols? Also, do you need to have zombies being flung from each position or can you just use 1/2/3 trample steams at a time? Thanks!
  2. Maybe it has to do with the golden plate he landed on? It seems too delayed for the knife to be the cause.
  3. A couple of things: You are right in that the characters keep their weapons in the ending shot of the cutscene. My bad on that. Anyway, even if the fridge and bank are gameplay options, the tower remains lit between games. If he rewound time he might reverse the tower. While it is true the teleportation to Die Rise could have immediately followed completion of the easter egg, time could have been spent simply killing zombies (as we did for several months) to help Rich store power for the teleportation. During this he may have revived the crew when necessary.
  4. As seen in the Die Rise cinematic, Rich saves the N4 from certain doom by moving them back to the top of the building. Samuel looses his memory and questions whether they have been there before. Many believe he has simply reversed time to this point, but it has to be something else for a couple of reasons: 1.) It Happened on Green Run: When approaching the town and a couple other locations, the characters will question why it seems so familiar. This can happen during their first pass through the map, so it isn't just when they return to the location. This is likely due to the same power seen in the Die Rise cinematic. As someone stated in another thread (not sure who, sorry), this could also be why the characters seem to know each other, but know little ABOUT each other. Maxis also comments that he has been searching for the N4 for decades- this is probably why. The N4 may have been trying to light up that tower for years on end. With these facts in mind, it's safe to say Rich used his power in Green Run as well. Why does this disprove the time travel theory you might wonder? Easy: the fridge and the bank. If Richtofen was truly rewinding time, the bank would empty after each game and the fridge would as well. While it could be argued that this is simply a gameplay mechanic, I couldn't see them poking holes in their storyline like that. 2.) They Lose Their Weapons: This can be seen simply through watching the cutscene. I don't know why people seem to think the cutscene doesn't take place immediately following the teleportation, but it shows them immediately afterwards when Stu wonders why he was brought to Die Rise and begins to question Rich. Zombies attack and everyone goes down. It seems possible that the wave was a response to Samuel hesitating to help Rich, forcing Rich to preform a mindwipe and return Samuel to submission. Either way, when the N4 begin to hold off the zombies you notice that they are all are using weapons that aren't the M1911. It is probable that these are their weapons from the end of Green Run that were brought with them. After they go down, however, they are returned to the roof and given the M1911. If time was rewound they would have the same weapons as before. So far there is little to suggest time travel versus resurrection or a healing power of some sort. Unless discussed in the easter egg itself, it is unlikely Rich is using time travel to save the N4.
  5. I'm guessing that the method is probably not time travel for one reason: The bank and the fridge. If time were rewound, these would be empty. It's relatively obvious that whatever Richtofen did here he also did in Green Run multiple times. The fridge and bank stay constant, so he is only affecting the player characters.
  6. I'm not sure it is Richtofen. If it was, why would they have him mumble like that, especially if Nolan North was in to record new lines? The easter egg will probably confirm that I'm wrong about this, but until then I'm going to stay uncertain.
  7. I'm guessing they just gave the reason for the ability to restart zombies after dying- I don't believe whoever Samuel was talking to is Richtofen. This is the same voice that guided Richtofen throughout Blops1. It was what moved the 04 from Shangri-la to Area 51. Basically what happens in the cutscene is that the characters are moved from Tranzit to Die Rise, (note that they still have powerful weapons) then immediately go down. Once they all go down the game "restarts" erasing their knowledge of what just happened ("Have we been here before?"), and giving them pistols. This is where Die Rise begins.
  8. It could have been a reaction to the gas, or they could've been destroyed by something else. Anyway, the bus driver seems to be a robot, especially as it's covered in blood, and the robotic "Welcome Aboard!" It is unlikely a zombie would be driving a bus with players in it while the other zombies are attacking it. Zombies may also speed up chasing the bus, because if they can run 30-50 mph chasing you on foot it's pretty much over for players. Also where are people getting the idea it's in a desert? Have pictures been released? So far it just seems like a rural town, which would have some barns nearby.
  9. Actually, this brings up an interesting point about the menu- it gets cloudy and orange when you select zombies, as you probably know. Also it seems like Shangri-la and Moon being in the present (2011-2012) is confirmed, as the zombies do not have blue eyes in these maps. Nothing story wise has lent itself to multiple realities so far, and seeing as Sam mainly wishes to kill Richtofen, she may have held the zombies in the Aether until the group reappeared at COTD. It's possible Moon takes place on December 21, 2012, thus fulfilling the end of the world prophecy. This would allow future tech to advance slightly to somewhere between BLOPS 2's 2025 date and the current time. It is highly possible the teleporter to griffin station was activated by Richtofen on arrival, thus explaining the presence of the older weapons there. With Richtofen in charge and the bombs, it's possible the world went to hell after that, thus the washed out, dusty area shown in the trailer.
  10. 1: Dr.Maxis is dead 2: Why? Please explain how. 3: Not even answering... 4: Yes, but the Zombies are destroyed, or at least most of them. And Richtofen's plan is finished. Now he is possessed. 1. It has always be assumed and presumed that Maxis is dead, there is no actual proof that Maxis is actually dead 2.Havn't you been following the big EE's Takeo and sam specifically vow to take revenge 3.Most of the underground bunkers would be unaffected, also time travel is still a significant factor 4.The zombies are still well and active, wether it be past or present, moon or earth, there is a theory that the nukes contained masses of element 115 witch only increased the mutate, also Richtofen is not possessed just simply switched bodies/souls with Samantha so now he is in control of the zombies side note: I personally feel they are getting ready to launch a new era of zombies with a fresh new look, with things like the new fire sale jingle and zombies having blue eyes I agree with almost everything you said, except Maxis is confirmed dead, you hear him being shot after telling Samantha to kill everyone. It is in one of the data tapes on moon.
  11. 1: Being dead doesn't mean anything in this storyline, Samantha was dead and is now alive. They could be planning to open a portal to the aether and get him out, and kill Richtofen. 2: Again, complete the easter egg and Takeo swears revenge on all agents of Group 935, meaning that he at least has regained his memory. 3:Have you really looked at the destroyed Earth? half of it is still there. 4:Richotofen's plan being finished doesn't end the story. Also, why do you think he is possessed?
  12. After completing the Easter egg, if you return to area 51 and die, you can see a second destroyed earth behind the warehouse as it zooms out. Im assuming this is a glitch due to not making a new skybox for area 51 and copying and pasting the one from moon.
  13. Many have said zombies is over, but the story can easily continue from where it left off after Moon, for many reasons- 1. Samantha wants to free/save Maxis 2. Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Samantha all want revenge on Richtofen 3. Only part of the earth was destroyed, only one side is hit with the missles. If the earth was vaporized you couldn't continue playing on area 51. 4. The only changes made to area 51 after the bomb is a copy of moon's skybox and a red tint. Obviously there would be places even further from the bomb that survived. Im sure there are a few more. Aside from the lack of a song, there is really no proof toward zombies ending.
  14. The Easter egg on moon can be done with only two people. Can confirm as I just did it with only two. I think it could even be possible with one, the grenade switching would be tough though.
  15. That's possible as well. The difference between beware the 6 and the Trinity is that it is said to be the power, and that comes up beforehand in shi no numa. This seems odd to me, as well as the fact you cannot see it without noclipping.
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