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  1. Any one tried this? yes I did it last night...I played with one friend and put my HAMR in the fridge at round 10 at round 13 we died... then we started a new game and played with 4 players(2 other friends wanted to play with us) so when we arrived at the farm I went to the fridge to put my mp5 in the fridge bucause the box was at the farm but it said press use to equip gun... and there my HAMR was... YEAH
  2. thats bs it doesn't matter what power up you let the monkeys take always after the max ammo shows up than the random perk bottle shows up it doesn't matter what the power up was when a zombie dropped it....
  3. but what happends after you get the stone.... you could see that had the stone in his invetory and the golden rod.... I don't think this easter egg is over jet I mean the golden rod is here for a reason they can't put the golden rod in your invetory in this new level without it having any purpose I think that would be lame... and than the stone.... or there WILL be a foutrh mappack.... if not I will be dissapointed....I hope its not over yet and you have to do something with the stone and the rod. i'm a ps3 player so have to wait a few weeks than I can play to, and does only the player who grabs the stone get all the perks or every one??? jah bless scanko
  4. I hope they put in the ak-47 and the m60!!! the other lmg sucks!!
  5. I would like to see the silverback as boss or else the untoten engeneer
  6. i don't think chopper gunner or gunship cause they could fly away then a better idea is 2 attack helicopters or 1 attack helicopter that is much better than the normal from multiplayer and it could fire also rockets into a group of zombies, it stays for 2 or 3 rounds I think 2 is better (also it would be overpowerd) and if it end it don't fly away but crash into the zombies and the wreckage stays for one round.
  7. i got it today was playing with 3 friends and when the monkeys came te first time it started to lag don't know why it happend, one of my friends said it's because al the smoke that come of the lunar landers if they crash, but I don't think that it is that. grz. scanko
  8. if you look good you see that the zombies don't attack him or even follow him so I think dat the phd flopper is like coldblooded but than for zombies and thst only one person could buy it and it is very expensive don't flame just saying what I see and think about it peace
  9. I saw the guy in the space suit to but I think that he isn't dempsey the guy had a huge scar on his face by the way and the monkeys look awesome just like the level and the zombies lol
  10. something like a horse on a gorilla yeah I have seen that one I thought it was funny:D but understand that some people don't like it
  11. thnks but still hope they could make a update or something that makes the gasbags be in waw zombie maps:D nacht der untoten: 4players lvl 26 verruckt: 2players lvl 20 shi no numa: 4players lvl 28 der riese: 2players lvl 39 kino der toten: 1player lvl 23 five: 2players lvl 22 dead ops: 2players lvl 19
  12. like the title says why have treyarch not set the monkey zombies in der riese, shi no numa, verruckt and nacht der untoten?? they got 2years to make this game + the remaked zombie maps couldn't they implent the monkey zombie in the maps?? and why not? if it isn't possible for al the maps than just only der riese... wouldn't that be f*king awesome just think about it... grtz scanko
  13. I was playing kino der toten and teleportet a few times but 2 or 3times I came in a special room and I found wheels to put in to the camera in the pap room when I put the first in( found on a buraeu when teleporting) a little movie started where you could see the pap and dempsey running through the room the second wheel that I found lied on a bed in a room, it started a movie where you could see a building or someting like that don't know what the meenings are of these
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