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  1. Hi guys, This site appears on the tapatalk directory, however it won't allow me to connect to the site. Perhaps you guys may need to either update, or check if the plugin is disabled?
  2. So we built the jet gun, and we tested it. After a few minutes of firing it it blew up We found two of the parts close by, but couldnt locate the other two bits (one being the massive turbine). Does it always respawn close by, or will it end up respawning back to its original locations?
  3. Tried it only once online, but assume it would work online. Also, in the bank area, has anyone noticed the two golden keys on the bottom draw just opposite the safe door? Part of the EE?
  4. Haven't seen this posted yet, but have noticed at you can store money at the bank and withdraw at later games! Very useful for when you have made loads of money and want to boost your starting point on your next game!
  5. yeah you can use any of the four pressure pads around the map. Stairs dont last very long though. What I want to know is what the four big circular objects in the annoying bamboo room do. Also where to use the golden rod that the Rictofen character has when you start as him.
  6. It lasts until you use the ammo. I ran around for 15 mins with it until I used it up. Some say max ammo replenishes it, others say george drops it instead of the death machine after completing the steps
  7. Serious, ahh man if only I knew before had lol. good find.
  8. May I link to this from a guide I made?
  9. thanks! was hoping someone would come up with something like this.
  10. my memory is really bad. but did they have related radio transmissions in previous zombie maps? if so is there a source?
  11. Made a quick map on paint for the order the foghorns need to be done
  12. When we did it we did the first two after they went flat, then left a 3 second gap as the other guy was getting chased by george, then the last one I did pretty much a split second after the previous was activated and the light appeared. (in this order as mentioned before) First - in the icy water to the left of the bridge that leads to the Juggernaut ship Second - closest one to the perka cola in the water after exiting the ice tunnel Third - closest one to the ak47u entrance of the lighthouse Fourth - behind the large rock near the ledge where you drop down to the first foghorn :lol:
  13. If the submarine & green light have appeared, then yes you have done the foghorns correctly
  14. ^Added a few things in bold, but yeah just got my achievements!
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