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  1. Dude shut da HECK UP. Hav u seen da videos world at war maps on black ops smh. They are VERY Different from world at war. They hav black ops guns and not waw weapons. If u dont lik dis so much then DONT buy it. I hate ppl that dont like sumthing and end up doing/using it. Stupid Troll :facepalm:
  2. Smartest comment i've seen on this thread
  3. Yea tru dat because that place was way different from what it is now
  4. http://www.callofduty.com/intel/482 Hmmmm ive never seen that area before in Shangri La... might have something to do with the easter egg ;)
  5. Can we plz stop with these kinda threads. Im not trying to troll on you or anything im just saying should really stop complaining about these games. i mean seriously did we really need othr black ops hate thread or the mw2 bashing comments plz its just really getting old ;)
  6. Im just gunna keep to myself why i dont like the game anymore because im not about start complaining about da game anymore , OK ;)
  7. Amen to that man [brains] . And Hanz you should read this: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10257 Its one of my first posts and it tells you why you should just stop complaining about flaws in the game. Kthxbai Na i have stopped complaining about black ops i just want other ppl to sto p complaining too cuz i figured out that it can be annoying that was the point of this thread and sorry if the title was misleading , even though i dont know how it is lol.
  8. Yea i just got a tad bit carried away lol and im not trying to tell ppl to get off BO im just telling the ppl that dislike this should stop playing this game
  9. I know i would always say black ops sucks and stuff even though still played for sum reason but then i looked on youtube and even on these forums and all these people are complaining about this game. Thats why i just decided to stopped playing it a couple days only cuz im getting tired of zombies and ive been gone off the multiplayer for like months. Honestly if we dont like the game we just stop playing cuz honestly i think this is da worst cod game ever made and i really think we just stop complaining about it because treyacrh is NEVER going fix this game no matter what you want to think because there way too problems that they dont wont want to fix because honestly its a waste of time. Who agrees?
  10. What are u talking about FIVE is easy and i dont think this maps sucks i meant to say its just very annoying
  11. I've never done da easter egg for any of the zombie maps so i wanna give it a try PSN-Blake630 PLZ help
  12. EXACTLY So many ppl try to defend that gun and say its good even though its SUCKS. Its not even good enough to be a wonder weapon :facepalm:
  13. Alright thanx 4 da feedback guys and can sumbody play with me on cotd im on ps3 and i do have an xbox but i only have shangri la-best map ever cuz i just got da 360 so can i get some help guys Why play solo if it doesnt even go on da leaderboards which it should :| Im not complaining im just pointing out sum problems i hav wit da map :facepalm:
  14. Before i start i want to say plz dont troll or bash on me 4 this beacuase this my opinion ok Here are some problems (IMO) 1.George Romero= most annoying thing ever made in zombies :evil: 2. Zombies hit way too fast in this map,and yes you can buy juggernog but I"ll get to that with this next problem 3.The map is way too big and there are too many doors,which makes it take alot longer to get juggernog considering the fact that juggernog is very far from the spawn area and you would waste alot of $ to get there 4.The wonder weapons - VR11: The worst wonder weapon out of all the zombie maps...i think we all know that Scavenger: Trust me thats my 3rd favorite wonder weapon but it doesnt really go good with this map do to fact that it is very hard not to hit George with it :x 5. Last but not least,it is very hard to get into a game with people that are actually good and dont act like a bunch of N00BZ always shooting George all the time :facepalm: (and also im not trying to say im the greatest zombie player ever but I've made it past round 20 on every zombie map except this one which was round 16.I dont even want to explain how we died because it makes me mad every time :x Leave some feedback if you agree or not
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