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  1. Im just gunna keep to myself why i dont like the game anymore because im not about start complaining about da game anymore , OK ;)
  2. Amen to that man [brains] . And Hanz you should read this: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10257 Its one of my first posts and it tells you why you should just stop complaining about flaws in the game. Kthxbai Na i have stopped complaining about black ops i just want other ppl to sto p complaining too cuz i figured out that it can be annoying that was the point of this thread and sorry if the title was misleading , even though i dont know how it is lol.
  3. Yea i just got a tad bit carried away lol and im not trying to tell ppl to get off BO im just telling the ppl that dislike this should stop playing this game
  4. I know i would always say black ops sucks and stuff even though still played for sum reason but then i looked on youtube and even on these forums and all these people are complaining about this game. Thats why i just decided to stopped playing it a couple days only cuz im getting tired of zombies and ive been gone off the multiplayer for like months. Honestly if we dont like the game we just stop playing cuz honestly i think this is da worst cod game ever made and i really think we just stop complaining about it because treyacrh is NEVER going fix this game no matter what you want to think because there way too problems that they dont wont want to fix because honestly its a waste of time. Who agrees?
  5. Actually I'll list them in order 1. Roach and ghost 2. Dimitri 3. Sgt Paul Jackson 4. Bowman and Woods 5. Gaz 6. Sgt Griggs 7. Sgt Roebuck 8. Dr Clarke 9. Pvt Allen Who agrees
  6. Oh my gosh i freaking forgot about that. That's my number 3 worst death
  7. Write down below who you think had the worst in single player. Honestly i have to say when roach and ghost died by sheperd :cry:
  8. In ascension the zombies get sucked into the gersch device but the player doesn't get sucked in.So just like my wondergun the player doesn't get affected
  9. Nothing happens just like the Gersch Device
  10. I have an idea for a new wonder gun called the "Deaf Welle" (German)or the Deaf Wave. Its a gun that shoots a wave( looks similar ray gun shots but yellow) that goes across the room and any zombies near the wave will stop running , hold there ears because the wave produces a wierd noise that's starts silent and then gets louder and louder and as the wave gets louder there's the zombies hold there ears and shake there heads until their heads blow off. Sounds epic right but not better than the infamous WUNDERWAFFE DG2. But any ways tell me what u guys think.
  11. Awesome theory [brains] I think ur right about this ;)
  12. [ThunderGun Ray Gun and gersche device this map looks beast . Thank u 3arch
  13. Thank u guys. I wish everyone who doesn't know in the forums knew about this :roll:
  14. If they were monkey then how the monkey pictures in ascension look really different :| so I was totally right :mrgreen:

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