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  1. Guys, you dont need that interactive sign! Just walk up to it and hold (X) OR (Square) om the rocket, andit will take off, i did this earlier today. I promise you this works 100% . Just tryin' to help 8-)
  2. I want The Takeo one. Probably gonna end up bying it anywayz O.o
  3. Nice find, because when you start Kino der toten solo, You hear richtofen say something about the teleporters/Timemachines and after that he sais "And where did that little girl go" or something like that!
  4. No i actually didn't, Thank you :)
  5. Hey guys, EVERY game i join i see a dude with Disturbing/Sexual content it their playercard, especially in the peoples emblems. I would really like it if Treyarch made it so you cant put Sexual content in your playercard, because it is very disturbing for some people. I have no idea how Treyarch is able to do something about it, but i would love if they found a way. Thanks for reading my first post. Stay cool people 8-)
  6. I think u have Kino der toten without needing to finish campaign, but i think u have to finish the campaign to get the pentagon. ;)
  7. For Some reason i Want the M2 Carbine. Oh and i want the PeaceMaker Revolver (Not used in vietnam warz Though). Lol
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