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  1. Knowing treyarch we'll hear all about the gamemodes but nothing on the story, they may even say that the story has ended, i remember 2 years ago treyarch saying zombies wouldnt be in BlOps; maybe they will rustle our jimmies once more :P
  2. well i got a pretty sweet T-shirt, but their probs will be a hardened/prestige addition released at a later date
  3. my parents just got me a preorder of BlOps 2 for my birthday (my dad blatently wanted an excuse to buy it ;P) and i was just wandering, who else has preordered already?
  4. der reise is where the zombies were made, i think thats what it means ;)
  5. now you put it that way im kinda sad :cry:
  6. he might be, we still dont know who the last portrait belongs too
  7. need 2 ps3 uk gamers to play CoTD later on today soo urm yeah....
  8. will people be livestreaming?
  9. hmm your point is valid, maybe many dissapearances in a certain area
  10. i was reading a topic about things in the air which contained some aeroplanes and a helicopter, now my idea is what if the zombies that are wearing normal clothes are tourists whos plane crashed in the mountains, so they sent a search copter who find the crew and could play a part in a big easter egg, just an idea
  11. before i make my point i just want too say i love the new set up although i will miss my taco :'(. Right anyway i think that this map may disprove the dreamland theory which we all were oh so scared off, my evidence is that on the cut scene we see George romero talking about the nazis making zombies so urm yeah... what do you guys think?
  12. in light of the escalation map pack ihad an idea, why dont we all guess where the next zombie will be e.g a canadian science facility, when the details of the map are released who ever is closest gets [brains] just an idea ill set up a table on my computer.
  13. stillno reason to give negative brains
  14. maybe the map will be a mix of both if you remember alot of the WaW maps were a mix between 2 or more maps
  15. i read the title wrong and thought that it aroused him :P
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