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  1. well we know its possible from the SNN glitch :mrgreen:
  2. hmm ... time travel? Maybe all the things the Dr. has been collecting was for this? as in he made one?
  3. Only thing I have not noticed is a reference to SAM. Are they trying to slowly back away from her or whats going on? :cry: Other then that I really like this map for pretty much the same reasons
  4. I think those areas can only be unlocked one way, so naturally you cannot zipline into an unlocked area. just my thinking.
  5. I was watching a JTV stream and they were shooting Romero on land and just before they "kill" him, his Stage light breaks and sparks organge instead of blue. He also runs around like this until taking too many hits then he calmly walks to the water and sinks lol
  6. I noticed the "scratchings" in the room where you go get the fuse. Its in between Flopper and the table...
  7. Kind of looks like a face (Sphinx) on its side. maybe hint to the next map? imma shoot the sh** otta it when I get home lol :mrgreen:
  8. Noticed if you have a group of zombies chasing you running in the water will freeze them like the winters howl does!
  9. At least we got a trailer. *stirs pot*
  10. Posts like this make me not want to post anything. People in here need to lighten up big time.... good research BTW. EVEN IF it was found out already ( I never saw a post the confirmed if you can gather all 5 perks)
  11. Ask her what to do with the DM's.. hurry!
  12. Anyone notice of the letters regenerate after the 7th step of the easter egg? Maybe we have to spell it out afterwards?
  13. I know someone asked about video playing with the Sickle Equipped (is at speed cola area) I got it uplaoding to youtbe right now.. Will update when its ready Here it is: 4MbfhTLD2_c
  14. I have a HDPVR and get on about 7-8 till 2am if you got the room. send me a message. My gt is my screen name 8-)
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