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  1. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    Shit bro, Illuminati talk scares me half to death, nice job on the info though Yea-no. Illuminati may be involved in the story, but they're not going to be trying to replace humans with drones... pretty sure he's talking about in real life...
  2. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    Did anyone else notice that if you take both sets of letters, and remove the letters they don't have in common, you get Z O . Just a thought.
  3. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    i need you to whitelist kenkechi
  4. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    please whitelist!!! elDiabl0
  5. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    can i get whitelisted please?
  6. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    wunderwaffe = electricity..... electricity is energy. which creates/is vibrating atoms. fire is...... thats right! very fast atoms! hit something flammable with a lot of energy... and what do you get? FIRE! tho, im not quite sure what the Vr-11 has to do with anything. its literally the WORST gun ever. I'd rather have the olympia in the box.
  7. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    first zombie commentary!

    should i play music for the time i dont talk?
  8. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    first zombie commentary!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlFOPoKWniw my first ever zombie commentary!!! tell me if you like it! i really need some constructive criticism, i want to get better. Btw, this is not my best game, so no criticism on the actual gameplay please. wlFOPoKWniw
  9. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    Girl character rant.

    man im being trejo just cause he's awesome. lol and his quotes all like don't make a mexican angry or something lol (im mexican )
  10. thanks! ill go look after dinner tonight!
  11. can you give me two or three of the locations to the papers that are written out? i have a capture card and could tell you what they say, along with posting the picture.
  12. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    NEW Me and my Team's Finding !!! 6 RADIOS AND MORE !

    'scuse me? i posted my easter eggs, and all the radios before you, and i actually have 2 posts. 1 is crap, and 1 is put up after for cleanliness
  13. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    got to 37 with a friend and his friend on split screen. mine didnt get recognized so it still says 28 or sumthing but we got to 37. it was crazy hard cuz we never got max ammos so we had to keep killing them with like mp40 and mp5k. just keep rnning in circles :D
  14. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    im on the 360. I dont know, when i run outside and look to the alleyway, it doesnt happen. just near the like 4 windows where it does happen. no idea tho..
  15. D3M0N-SNYP3R

    Perk-a-Cola stickers

    it is an adult theatre.... as there are two bars, one at the entrance, and one near speed cola :p

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