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  1. Shit bro, Illuminati talk scares me half to death, nice job on the info though Yea-no. Illuminati may be involved in the story, but they're not going to be trying to replace humans with drones... pretty sure he's talking about in real life...
  2. Did anyone else notice that if you take both sets of letters, and remove the letters they don't have in common, you get Z O . Just a thought.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out! I've been looking at it every day for 10 years wondering why it looked different. Now I know :shock: . I literally just laughed so hard at this...
  4. It WILL show up anyways. i just did it today. you can do every easter egg in this map without the other ones.
  5. der riese isnt too easy of a map to play solo, but its been done before. you just have to run a big circle around the map. you can start at the spawn, wait around a little bit, then run in the direction of juggernog, past the trench gun, up the stairs, over the bridge, turn right past double tap, go down the stairs, run to the double barrel, turn right, turn right, run to teleporter c, and whenever you can, turn around and shoot. i remember doing this when i played solo. hope that helps :D
  6. RESERVED. hope this isnt against the rules, just doing this so i can come back and edit it. thanks ~~ D3MON ~~
  7. for one, look at the time this was posted. the achievements weren't released yet. george FAILED he did not succeed. call of the dead is the only map where i would approve of any kind of glitch, just because george failed so hard, that the leaderboards shouldn't even count.
  8. there are 2 new zombie types. (not including the females, cuz...... i mean really? its still a normal zombie.
  9. i could never see the bowie knife! and that perk looks to be a darker jug. jug never looks like that, if you know what i mean. even when in verrukt or five or any other map, when you see jug without power on, it never looks like that. and i think the power is on when that picture was showed, just due to the fact that the green light is on, on the little switchy thingy for a trap.
  10. scavenger is FTW! especially when reviving someone. medic = Scavenger + Zeus Cannon, or Zeus Cannon + krauss, or scavenger + krauss. Wunderwaffe = BEST WEAPON EVER! (except PaP'd on WaW days.. ...) PPSH-41 is legit! especially with double tap! you can't even hear individual bullets and then Dual ray guns, or attachments. i dont care.
  11. wunderwaffe = electricity..... electricity is energy. which creates/is vibrating atoms. fire is...... thats right! very fast atoms! hit something flammable with a lot of energy... and what do you get? FIRE! tho, im not quite sure what the Vr-11 has to do with anything. its literally the WORST gun ever. I'd rather have the olympia in the box.
  12. hit a zombie with the upgraded olympia, and then look at the body. it has suffered from "severe burns" i dont think its just that. but maybe.
  13. that would be sooooo bad. i dont want to find my death. i want to find cool things related to the storyline! not like... oh look a skull! *holds x* HOLY SH!& *burns to crisp* X.X no, id rather it not be an easter egg.
  14. haha, yeah. im agreeing with you! i think 50 is fine. i thought you meant like lowering it to like 30 or so. then game over. that would be BOOBOO
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