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  1. umm.. it does show something pulling the nuke pick up towards him..
  2. i haven't managed to build the trample steam yet, but i know it can fling you to places you can't jump to.. Has anyone tried using that to get up there??
  3. it says a 'series of collapsed skyscrapers towering over the remains of an obliterated Chinese city.' so my guess would be that we travel between skyscrapers (perhaps by that helicopter) or if we choose to we can run between them facing either denizons or whatever they throw in this time. I think each skyscraper will be very different, and that survival maps will be based on the best parts of each one, or each one as a whole.
  4. i never play solo. I think in a two player custom game to around round 15 i had the steel board thing. They seemed to get more steel as i progressed with doing windows, ie wood with steel edge at first, but can now safely say they look completely steel. You cannot shoot through them and it makes a metallic ricochet sound. They are definitely steel (or some metallic material) for me.
  5. my hardened only cost £57 from asda anyway, few weeks ago...
  6. i think he means the wallpaper is from samantha's room
  7. survival mode is pretty good, once you start getting the delta and riot squads, and sentry guns etc it gets pretty good and hectic. Just SO annoying it's not 4 player. Tisn't zombies but is still pretty good, and a load of maps too.
  8. Yeah to be honest i think this is more likely than the quick draw theory. As you've said, that type of thing is definitely used to symbolise dual wield quite a lot. MAN, epic. This map better deliver.
  9. Also can someone look : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e445VBrGMYo at 2.10 of the trailer i'm sure shi no numa never had a part where the water was that deep ? Just a possible clue to them revamping them. But i'm just probably wrong, and it was always there aha :)
  10. It doesn't say that, it says that that is a place you can get the map pack for free by selecting free zombie map, which will link you to the map pack for free. see> Surely it would just say download moon?. also.. ...i'm so hopeful that the old maps get re done a bit more, although the only reason i think they won't is because people who paid for the classic maps, paid for them like that. However much they want them to do loads to it, surely they just couldn't change what you've already paid for ?????
  11. ...That's what she said! Or did he say it? Eh whatever... Anyways I am happy that they are back. I hated them, but it was too easy without them. Plus, if there are Nova zombies then there most likely wont be monkeys! Yay :| nah the new monkeys were so good. they're the best new element of any zombie map. makes it so much more exciting and fun when you're risking your life chasing a monkey for max ammo.
  12. dubjam


    This was a useless post You're a useless poster. You NEVER have anything positive or crucial to add to a conversation. You basically just complain and try to belittle people, first sign of someone with self esteem issues. I suggest you work on whatever is bothering you about yourself, and I'll bet you in turn will learn to respect others thoughts and opinions. haha pwnd. Yeah, it was a perfectly valid question. Did they release any of the black ops maps on iOS ???? i have no clue..
  13. i hope it's out friday am on holiday from saturday for two weeks, i have to see it! :/ first time not playing a zombie map within an hour of being released.
  14. Tbh, that post was a little unnecessary. In the forum section for the moon map, it is surely completely necessary. It's a possible theory that is not ridiculous. I think it's actually a great idea, not convinced it's true, but welllll worth posting.
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