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  1. shit i didn't even get a honorable mention lol oh well better luck next time congrats to winners
  2. COTD one person got the wonderwaffle (IMO sucked anyway cause u couldnt revive or do anything for that matter cept shoot and walk) but everyone got the free perk Ascension was just the beginning i feel they will eventually get it right
  3. yea finding out now that it does take 4 people to start eclipse so im looking for help anyone with a mic send a message to J85tega
  4. thank you i havnt had a game where he was in and it wasnt 4 player
  5. So i talked to a guy stuck in a Room dont know his name im guessing he's brock anyway to talk to him you hit the 4 buttons (after water is on) at quick revive (in the inner room of quick revive then during the eclipse you go to where the Mine cart is and go down towards that perk (perks are random on map cept QR) there is a mine hole 180 degrees turn around there is another button and a guy starts talking video is coming **opps the button will be to the right of that radio ** but only during the eclipse
  6. in 4 player zombie mode richtofen spawns with gold rod from call of the dead im thinking 4 person easter egg video to follow UGUplpgHfPw
  7. i have a reg capture card and im willing to help GT J85tega
  8. add me: GT J85tega Vape and Blunts all day XD
  9. ive tried the law bout to upgrade it to me the shape on the right is a rocket going towards what looks to be a plane shooting a sonic wave lmao yea i saw all of that in the drawing :D
  10. qTk6MvuH_zk any ideas? its in call of the dead right by quick revive
  11. I like most of you still have yet to find the golden rod. here is some video i took during my first day of play hopefully more to come if u need an extra man for CoTD im on very ofter GT: J85tega http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_M8f3UNaHY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvXUtDeg8t8 also so on one of the videos it sounds like there is an elephant i know its not an elephant but what is the noise (door creekin?)
  12. hope this works This is how i roll :D
  13. Zombies ONLY map packs =D im sick of black ops multiplayer new maps and after watching the der riese trailer again zombies was all they had. now they have a multiplayer they forget about us and give us shit. PPSH FTW IF they put New and Old weapons in the new map is the only thing to make me happy about zombies.
  14. i might still be stuck on gears beta to download new map :D
  15. CZ75 FTW i enjoy it weather i have 1 or 2 i prefer 1 because it is a head shot MONSTER and there a pistol so reload time is nothing compared to most guns
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