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  1. Sorry, dude, that's not ... even ... *sigh*. Keep, uh, thinking about ... um ... things! Hey, Edison failed a lot before creating the light bulb so you could someday be on to something!
  2. Okay, copy what I quoted of you, same words, but better spelling and punctuation. I could hardly understand you, but now I can. I'm giving you [brains]s just for that. My biggest pet peeve nowadays.
  3. Hmm ... the eclipse idea is definitely worth a look! Good thought! I shall [brains] you for that one. I think the opposite, actually, about when figuring out the easter egg, though. Since people didn't know the steps initially, they probably would look everywhere to figure out the steps. But again, your eclipse caveat is well founded!
  4. There may be other little easter eggs related to the story we haven't deciphered yet, little things scattered around the map, but I just can't believe there are other routes or rooms built into the map layout that no one has discovered up to this point, because since all the crazy steps of the main easter egg were figured out so quickly, surely someone would have found it by now. Not everything in the map has to be interactive or reachable. That would be like saying, "There are trucks outside the walls of Nacht Der Untoten; we might be able to get out there and drive away." Aesthetics do wonders enough sometimes. But hey, if I'm wrong and someone DOES discover a secret room, well then you can give me a punch in the gut :)
  5. That's some good logic there; I like you're thinking. [brains] s for that part. I'll be very frustrated if these guys steal power-ups mid round and we have to chase them AND fend off the zombies. Stealing seems logical, however, because that gives them more of a purpose instead of just running around the map with power-ups on their backs. Someone said earlier that monkeys are known for their kleptomania, so that also makes sense to me. I'm all for creative alterations to the zombie formula, though, despite the frustrations. Just a few more days!
  6. Recently got to 27 solo, but could have gone longer because 3 of my friends came on wanted to play. Things were getting a bit repetitive (still fun, though), so I didn't mind. The we got to 15 w/4 ppl ... for right now!
  7. Nice! Didn't know that! Good find; it could definitely mean something. Did you follow more than one human back, meaning, does every reverted zombie run back here?
  8. Is anyone able to do a side-by-side blow up of JUST the top right corners? I don't have the tech, but it seems we could answer a lot of our own questions if we were able to blow these portions up. To me, the leaves look different and the images they're concealing look different. Can someone do this? The only image I've found for CotD is in this thread (http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=10792&hilit=loading+screen) with this picture from infamousKONVICT:
  9. India perhaps I thought of that, too, with "Paradise" being an equivalent to Buddhist "nirvana." I kept looking at the structure behind the fern on CotD and it doesn't look as ornate as some India temples I've looked up; too many rectangular angles suggesting something more typical Mayan or Incan.
  10. I've looked at this ice wall many times while playing and three areas stand out to me, circled in the picture below. They look the most intentional and less like just environmental design (i.e. erosion effects or natural folds in the rocks). Also, I just used the picture posted in this thread so I would advise looking at it yourself during the game because the internet can only make things so clear. If you've seen them in person ... any thoughts? I'm convinced the image on the far left is supposed to be a rocket; the detail below it's "base" looks far too much like flames. The other areas ... no clue, but they're the clearest details on the image.
  11. More than likely a design choice by Treyarch to give the player a heads up of what's going to happen, kind of like how the Hellhound and Monkey rounds started off differently to give everyone an indication. It does make them seem like they have 5 second clairvoyance, though! I can tell what Treyarch was doing, however.
  12. While similar in placement to SNN, the CoTD leaves are obviously, totally, and completely different. It's a fern frond. And the structure behind it looks way, way, way too obviously like some ancient South American or Mexican temple. I'll admit it if I'm wrong someday, but really ... it looks way too Western hemispherian to my eyes and brain.
  13. My friend and I have been wondering about this since we first played. It could be nothing, but ... I don't know, it does look like something. I'm of the Rocket or Bell/Die Glocke (sp?) mentality. It just looks too ... crisp, clean and intentional to be nothing.
  14. My friends and I noticed that, too. Very curious indeed, or else our imaginations are just running wild.
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