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    Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    Recently got to 27 solo, but could have gone longer because 3 of my friends came on wanted to play. Things were getting a bit repetitive (still fun, though), so I didn't mind. The we got to 15 w/4 ppl ... for right now!
  2. TheRickMoranis

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    Nice! Didn't know that! Good find; it could definitely mean something. Did you follow more than one human back, meaning, does every reverted zombie run back here?
  3. TheRickMoranis

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    I've looked at this ice wall many times while playing and three areas stand out to me, circled in the picture below. They look the most intentional and less like just environmental design (i.e. erosion effects or natural folds in the rocks). Also, I just used the picture posted in this thread so I would advise looking at it yourself during the game because the internet can only make things so clear. If you've seen them in person ... any thoughts? I'm convinced the image on the far left is supposed to be a rocket; the detail below it's "base" looks far too much like flames. The other areas ... no clue, but they're the clearest details on the image.
  4. TheRickMoranis

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    My friend and I have been wondering about this since we first played. It could be nothing, but ... I don't know, it does look like something. I'm of the Rocket or Bell/Die Glocke (sp?) mentality. It just looks too ... crisp, clean and intentional to be nothing.
  5. TheRickMoranis

    Sending the crew to 'paradise': A step by step guide.

    My favorite thing of all you said. You said what I was thinking! I've been dying to get home and try this easter egg, at least on solo. Thanks for the better descriptions. Hopefully people will add to THIS thread and not create a new, superfluous one. But that will probably happen.
  6. TheRickMoranis

    Black ops story

    I have mixed feelings, but about 85% positive! I thought it was a bit predictable 3/4 of the way through, and the last level just kind of ended for me, but the journey to get there was really, really good! By far, the best Call of Duty storytelling so far. I have another question though, and maybe some synapses in my brain aren't firing to figure this out, but what did the last image mean, with Mason being there in Dallas when Kennedy was shot? That's really all we know, that Mason was there. Grassy knoll? He's not Oswald because, interestingly enough, with the subtitles on, when you're stumbling through the NSA and Mason's brainwashing is being broken, you hear Mason say something in a flashback about Oswald being ... found or something. But what do you guys think? What are we supposed to take from that final image?

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