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  1. Hey guys just to help you must have cotd ensemble cast achievement and it has to be done online and if you only have cotd easter egg you will spawn with golden rod but cant use it but what want to know is what if 1 person has cotd easter egg and 1 person has shangri la easter egg will it still work
  2. hello i will gameshare the classic maps for the annihaltion map pack this is EU or UK only i have a bles disc also add my psn zigabg62
  3. Hey there everyone im just wondering does anyone have anyone info about map four all i know is that the next zombie map is called quarantine i know its not official but i think its a a safe bet thats what it is im just wondering if anyone has any more information and also i think is a safe bet the zombie map will be in area 51 nevada because map pack four is the last map and im pretty sure treyarch wont bring zombies back in the next call of duty after Mw3
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