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  1. Poptart

    Moon excavators glitched

    The only thing I can think to tell you if BOTH of them glitch is to get your Gerche device on and jump in. Make sure you throw it outside of the spawn room otherwise it will just teleport you down to the part below with the teddy and the jumper pad. I wish I knew what glitches the excavators but haven't been able to figure out what the factors are that determine if they'll go invisible or not. Usually by the time this glitch happens to me and my friend, we've gotten to a high enough round where we can box rape and use QED's + hacker for ammo/PaP assuming
  2. Poptart

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    Well if this is true, I'd need an explanation as to how the 2 guys in the easter egg got there on foot.
  3. Poptart

    Rare Earth Metals

    Well seeing as how we call them rare earth metals, those are the ones that exist so I tried to go for the real world part of it. I based the powers off of what they do in real life although I had to stretch it on a couple of them based on what they are used for, but with the power of 115 anything is possible.
  4. Poptart

    Rare Earth Metals

    Given my drop rate (assuming people think its fair), after you pack a punched a weapon (say round 10 on kino) then it would either be the next dogs round (11-13 at a 50% chance) or round 15-17 before you even get an elemental drop. Depending on how many are in the game then it might not even be the one you wanted. I see that as pretty fair since I hardly ever PaP before 25 unless its the ballistic knife then I try to PaP it asap. Possible elements courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare_earth_element
  5. Poptart

    Rare Earth Metals

    Well they could make it cost about 10k points as well. An extra pack a punch with a beefy little weapon mod would make for quite the weapon so I figure it wouldn't be easy to get.
  6. Poptart

    Rare Earth Metals

    It would need some really good balance so it doesn't ruin the balance that is already in it. Maybe have it where you can't upgrade your gun to an elemental weapon until you pack a punch it normally first. Then only when you have a pack a punch weapon in your inventory can you receive an earth metal drop from bosses (common every other kill/first kill), hellhounds (uncommon), or extremely rare (every 5-7 rounds) from a normal zombie. Then you can do like with the vril device on Moon and put it in a little floaty thing and when you pack a punch the weapon again, it drains the power from the earth metal causing it to disappear, and is added to your weapon. I think that would be MUCH better than just "Hey Treyarch, get it where we can pack a punch a weapon again".
  7. Poptart

    Theater Mode Confirmed for Zombies

    check the date for the first post
  8. Poptart

    Theater Mode Confirmed for Zombies

    So based on what he's said, will there be a way to level up in zombies now? I've been wanting it since I heard it was on the MP engine. I hope they do the weapon system right though, assuming they let you do create a class. The higher level people would have an even bigger advantage over the lower/newer people. At least when I prestige in MP, I have a fair chance since the default classes are still decent.
  9. Poptart

    Where did Maxis Teleport?

    I always thought it was his soul in the machine. An AI that complex would have taken years to develop plus the response time would have been much longer. Sam's control over the Aether easily gives her the ability to transfer his soul into the system. Why she didn't bring him into the Aether is another question, unless she let him into the machine when the group arrived at No Man's Land/Moon.
  10. Poptart

    Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    Don't know if this has been posted yet, but did anybody notice that it didn't end with the 360 logo? To fellow ps3 players, you know what this means? THE CONTRACT IS OVER. We shall all get our maps all at once, no more waiting a month to play the new maps. No more closing our eyes at the sight of videos and discussion for those of us that want a 100% unspoiled look at the map (aside from trailers that is).
  11. Poptart

    Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    I'm skeptical as far as multiplayer and campaign are concerned since I don't like the Modern Warfare style CoD's. They don't feel right for me, where CoD3, WaW, and Blops played amazingly. If they can replicate that then I will be satisfied. Though just knowing there will be zombies is enough to warrant a purchase from me, just like it was for Black Ops which I was just as skeptical as now but ended up loving it. Treyarch hasn't let me down yet, but I'm not one to get too excited this early.

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