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  1. Thats what I was wondering. I know for the leaderboards the strikes is the number of players you have. What I don't know is how they apply to your zombies emblem.
  2. I went from 1 bone to 2 bones to skull while keeping 2 tally marks beside the emblem so I believe the tallys are independent of that. I'd just like to know what is needed to change the emblem from skull to ????
  3. Anybody know how the leveling system works? I've got the skull now and my friend who was in the game with me is still at the crossed bones. He got more kills and revives than me but I got more score. Would really love to know what the requirements are for each one and how many there are.
  4. Maybe we bet our experience points? I wouldn't mind doing that, however they may not want that since some people will dominate it and get through the prestiges fast as all hell. Or it just gives X amount of xp depending on what place you come in, but I'd like to know what the risk is aside from a loss.
  5. I'm happy with the hardened edition as is. Yeah elite would've been nice but I love the case that comes with it. I'd have rather have had a CoDZL coin rather than the dragonfire one. The box art is what sold if for me. Having already paid most of my elite off as well as the whole game, an extra 30$ is worth it for those to me.
  6. Could you please use a little bit of punctuation? I understand what you're saying but it hurt to read that. However I don't like the idea of locking stuff out like that. If somebody doesn't have the money to buy one map then they'd be missing out simply because they don't have it. The napalm zombie AND the 4 player requirement is extremely annoying on shang though so I've only done that easter egg once ever. The one for moon isn't that bad though since the map is easy enough that waiting for t6 to breach is just a joke. I've done the whole easter egg as early as round 13 and as late as 36 b
  7. My friends and I have played a lot of "mike myers". Not sure how many people play it but for those who don't, you have one person on one team and the rest on another. Mike Myers can only use his knife to kill people and tomahawks if its the last one. Everybody has one life and last man standing can knife back. This has trained us to avoid others peoples knife attacks as well as reduce panic knifing to nearly never. It helped me out because I have a 2 bar most of the time and shooting is almost always better than knifing on 2 bar.
  8. Poptart


    I've been dreaming for this. Most of what quick-scoping consists of is abusing the aim assist to lock on to a person and fire away. I can see PC players not having a problem adjusting but on consoles it will be much more difficult to quick-scope. And as far as I'm concerned, the term hard scoper shouldn't exist. Its how you properly use a sniper. It shouldn't be a derogatory term. Not to say I don't enjoy quick-scoping, its just the fact that some people think its so hard when its just knowing how to abuse the system. Take away my aim assist and I'll be happy as I'd be for a free zombies ma
  9. The only thing I can think to tell you if BOTH of them glitch is to get your Gerche device on and jump in. Make sure you throw it outside of the spawn room otherwise it will just teleport you down to the part below with the teddy and the jumper pad. I wish I knew what glitches the excavators but haven't been able to figure out what the factors are that determine if they'll go invisible or not. Usually by the time this glitch happens to me and my friend, we've gotten to a high enough round where we can box rape and use QED's + hacker for ammo/PaP assuming
  10. I like the idea of starting off on a map full of zombies, but the SMG thing doesn't seem too good to me. Plus we'd have to have a large starting area for room to run for a little bit which would make the map fairly easy, and with the full map of zombies our first power-up drop would come almost immediately. There is also the points we get from them would let us open a lot of the doors before round 2.
  11. I've never been much for story in the CoD games past CoD 4, but this looks interesting. I might actually go back to Black Ops and pay attention this time around :mrgreen:
  12. He has his tastes as does everybody else. If you started off with walk or cowboys from hell I'm sure he'd have recognized them instantly. I have no care for what the singer sound like as long as the guitar and drums sound good to me, nice vocals are just an added bonus. As for you Eddie, I love both of them. I've never had a "favorite band" (maybe Disturbed when I first started listening to more metal music) but depending on my mood is what my favorite is at that time. I'll tend towards Maiden if I wanna get pumped for something but I don't often go towards Judas Priest. When I do, its cause I
  13. Even then you get an 800,000 leeway on a 4 person difficulty. With 2 people it should be really easy to kill him with 2 where it still takes about 2 or 3 with me.
  14. Awesome list! I love seeing the numbers behind zombies, however I don't think the Death machine does 1.8 million damage otherwise you could kill george with a just one of them or does he have a buff that makes it do less damage?
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