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Everything posted by Jolteon

  1. Cool it you two I'd hate to see anybody say something they'd regret. Glad to hear you're getting things sorted Mitch, keep me updated on your progress -Jolteon
  2. It's difficult to add much to what Craig and Paolo have said above me, but I feel like I want to try...   Nai... You and I used to be such close friends. For a period you were probably my closest friend on the forum. We spent a lot of time talking on Skype and in general things were pretty cool. Unfortunately that's not the case as much anymore. I honestly don't care how or why it came to be like this, it's just a shame it is.   In that period of time I feel I got to know you quite well; not as an internet personality, but as a human being. You may think that there isn't any difference, you're still human on the internet, right? Wrong. On the internet you are whoever you create yourself to be. The simple fact is you can't judge success or failure on the online world because, unlike in real life, you're comparing yourself to the most successful and most passionate people around. You are on a website DEDICATED to Call of Duty Zombies. That means the only people you're likely to find here are the people who care about it to the greatest extent; the best of the best. The thing you have to remember is that just because other people on this site seem more impressive, it is only because you are looking at them as the best there is, and yourself as the person you see staring back at you in the mirror.   It is an unfortunate fact of life that the vast majority of people on this beautiful Earth see themselves as inferior to what they are truly capable of. I'm sure most of the people here are the same. Hell, I was like that so bad that I attempted suicide more times than I can count! To an extent I still feel the same way even today. As I said earlier, I know you as a human being. A real person. And I look at you and I think "that guy's got potential". I honestly do. I look at you and I see a young guy, passionate about the things he enjoys and loves, a guy with a vocabulary much better than people my own age, someone with clear intelligence and knowledge. A guy who is brave enough to come out and ask for help. Believe me when I say we could use more people like that guy.   I understand lack of self confidence more than most. I've been right at the bottom, still am in some ways. I know how it feels to have zero self worth and to feel like the world wouldn't change if I were to fade away into the fog surrounding my worthless life. You wanna know something? You wanna know what would happen if that happened to you? If you faded away? I'd be heartbroken. If I found out you'd died? I'd probably cry for a week. I'd probably try and drag what little money I have to fly out to Australia to attend your funeral. You wanna know why? Because you a God damn amazing human being with the potential to be somebody truly special and I'd hate to see that go to waste. Because you're someone whom I admire in many ways. Because you are someone who deserves so much better out of life. But most of all, because you're my friend. I know you probably feel like you're so far in the dirt that you might as well become the dirt. Well let me tell you a story.   A well known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill"? Naturally, all 200 of the hands in the room went into the air. He said "I'm going to give this $20 bill to one of you in this room. But first...", and he then proceeded to crumple up the note in his hand. He then asked "Who still wants it?" and naturally all 200 of the hands went up in the air once again. "Well", he replied, "What if I do this"? He then dropped the note on the floor, and ground it into the ground beneath him with his boot. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty, and asked once more; "Who would like this $20 bill" and all of the hands went into the air for the third time.   Nai, this right here is an incredibly valuable lesson. No matter what the speaker of the seminar did to the $20 bill, all 200 of the people in the room still wanted it. The note did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives we find ourselves ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless; but no matter what has happened, or what will ever happen, you will never lose your value. Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to the people that love and care about you. The worth of our lives come not from what we do, or who we know, but by WHO WE ARE. You are a beautiful human being, and don't you ever forget that.   You are still young, still in a period of your life where your are growing and changing at such an alarming rate that you cannot possibly comprehend everything that is going on around you. But I tell you now, no I PROMISE you, that things will get better. Your life will turn around and you will become the fantastic person that you have the potential to be. And one day in the future, no matter how far it is, you'll do something so great that the entire world will know about it. And at that moment, I will look across at my children, grandchildren, whoever is important to me in my life, and I will proudly say to them "I knew that man. That man was my friend".   I'm always on Skype if you need anything pal. Don't let the past deter you from coming to me for help if you ever should need it. Stay strong brother.   -Jolteon
  3. ATP10 is on tonight, and you can watch it live through CoDz new live streaming feature tonight at 4pm EST!

  4. Welcome back Zombie slayers, you've all been missed!

    1. Ehjookayted


      Yes you have! Welcome :D

  5. Welcome back everyone! Huge thanks to Craig for all his hard work, and thanks to all of you for your patience!   This is a brand new start for CoDz, and the future looks bright... If littered a little bit with Zombies and death and... Yeah...     -Jolteon
  6. Alright, let me lend a helping hand. Great to see this thread getting some use again. My friend, consider this, a member that sticks around for three years, posts only a fair amount in his/her lifetime to the point where people who have been on the forum for a mere 6 months match his/her post count, barely posts a theory or strategy in his/her lifetime, but manages to make it onto staff and gain control of the forum YT. Yep. That pretty much describes ol' Jolteon here. I'm sure the majority of you who have been around with me will struggle to think of more than one or two posts from me that are particularly relevant to the Zombies storyline. Just because you can't come up with groundbreaking theories or gamechanging strategies, doesn't mean you are "useless". It means you are on a Forum with the best of the best. Want to know something funny? My first few posts on this forum were me debunking and disproving the legitimacy of "leaked" zombies footage for Black Ops 1. That "leaked" footage came straight out of Kino Der Toten and was 100% real. I know at times it can feel intimidating when you struggle to find something to say; it can drain any inspiration from you and pretty much leave you feeling pretty shitty. However, that's not to say you don't have a place here at CoDz. Everyone does. Whether it is being the king of spam like TAMB, the master of inspiration like Eye, or just an old dog with some wise lessons to teach like myself, you have a place here at CoDz, and over time you'll find who you are, and you'll give something to CoDz that nobody else will ever be able to. You are unique; and one day you'll show us all exactly who you are and what you can do. *Sigh* Now to deal with you Monkey. Look, let me be straight with you, the reason things between us have fallen through to the depths of hell, is not because of anything in particular you have done. It is a culmination of multiple things. What happened the other week was shitty, but all it did was create the final spark to make this flame burn. Let me be blunt with you; your attitude stinks. You try to be this super active, super friendly guy, but you have a serious issue with authority. I have no issue with you spamming like Tankeo on crack; it's just who you are, I get that. However, as soon as somebody steps in, as soon as someone calls you out on something you've done wrong, you turn into what I can only describe as Tankeo mkII (Zombies references FTW). You've already been banned once for not following the CoC and for rule breaking, and yet when myself and Eye called you out on your wrong doings you proceeded to undermine us, and quite frankly insult us, and then brought a private matter, that I was ATTEMPTING to keep private for the sake of another person, right into the face of the public. The simple fact is, this is not real life. You're not hanging out with your friends that get your jokes, as you yourself put it. You are in an online public forum with all sorts of different people. You can't get away with saying and doing whatever you want. You need to think about what you are about to say, and then ask yourself if there is any way this could be offensive or upsetting for anyone. If the answer to that is yes, you shouldn't post it. I speak on behalf of both myself and Eye when I say we DON'T hate you. Don't get me wrong you're not exactly our favorite person in the world, but hatred is not something we feel towards you. All we have decided is that we need to back away before things escalate to a point where the people around us get hurt. Clint, I speak to you not as Dark Jolteon, not as a staff member of the forums, but as a human being to another human being; from Kieran to you. You've got potential. Your passion and desire to do what you enjoy is unrivaled and frankly the way you feel obligated to post everywhere to try and make others happy is inspirational. But you NEED to watch yourself. I can overlook the grammar, the spelling, the broken space button, the spam, even the frankly offensive jokes, but you NEED to start thinking about what you say before you say it. Otherwise you're going to find yourself in an awful position where you hurt the people around you unintentionally; and let me tell you, from personal experience, that is somewhere you do not want to be. Right, I think I'm done... To cheer everyone up after that mess above, you can all have a drink on me. That you get yourselves. And pay for yourselves. And if you're underage make it non alcoholic. There. That fixes things. -Jolteon
  7. Woooooooooooooooooooow that was a LONG time ago XD -Jolteon
  8. It's a very Eevee Christmas everybody! -Jolteon
  9. I have been summoned? I'm still here. Prowling the streets, awaiting my time to strike. Definitely check out that link. -Jolteon
  10. OMG your awesome!Come on codz more though! I come on when I can. I lead a busy life with school, work, YouTube and an entire internet persona on various different web based platforms, being an international superstar, being the worlds greatest and of course being the one and only, and then keeping up with my closest friends that I can't see IRL (which nowadays is ALL of my friends), unfortunately finding time to do it all is tough -Jolteon
  11. I'm expecting you to photo-battle me Monkey. Things you gotta beat; Outside Earls Court London, Eurogamer Expo, dressed as a Pikachu, with the legend that is MrRoflWaffles. The gauntlet has been laid. Let the challenge commence. Who will win? We'll have to wait and see in the next episode of THE MONKEY AND THE JOLTEON registered trademark -Jolteon
  12. So I promised an updated picture, well how about a CoDz double hit? Here's myself and CoDz and Zombies legend MrRoflWaffles at Eurogamer Expo 2013. Oh, and I appear to be wearing a Pikachu o.O This next picture is myself atop the balcony inside Earls Court at the convention; still rocking that Pikachu. All in all it was a great weekend -Jolteon
  13. Been a real long time since I last posted in this thread; it used to be one of my favourites... Is that weird...? Anywho, who wants an updated Jolteon? -Jolteon
  14. Letters from the Field. Look it up, get hyped, and get involved. We want you back Alpha. -Jolteon
  15. That is indeed, red. -Jolteon
  16. It'll happen eventually mate. Getting into the Donor usergroup has to go through a lot of different people and processes before it can be put through. Only Lissa can see if a donation has gone through, so it will take time. Patience my friend -Jolteon
  17. I'm good with the sappy stuff; if you want to talk at all feel free to PM me and I'll be ahppy to help out however I can -Jolteon
  18. Welcome back everyone. I hope you all survived the horde. -Jolteon
  19. Dammit KAZ... You've been a true friend during our times here together on the best of all forums. You are one of the only people to stand by my side since day one; and I wouldn't be the man I am today were it not for yourself. Many people around here see you as Uncle KAZ... Not me. Not Jolteon. I see you as a brother. My brother. Brother KAZ. Gonna miss you buddy, and I hope to speak again soon. -BrotherJolteon
  20. My red, blue, yellow, gold and crystal have all had battery deaths. I managed to replace a couple of 'em, but silver is still standing strong. It's lucky because that's the one with all my best Pokemon from the first generations came from... I need to get them onto my Leaf Green file that has all my best Pokemon... If only... -Jolteon
  21. Haha if we're talking collectables, I should post a picture of my pre-anime Pikachu toy. It was released before the anime first aired meaning it's a chubby thing -Jolteon
  22. Gentlemen... I have reached post 1337. This is a good day. -Jolteon

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