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  1. I have been summoned? I'm still here. Prowling the streets, awaiting my time to strike. Definitely check out that link. -Jolteon
  2. OMG your awesome!Come on codz more though! I come on when I can. I lead a busy life with school, work, YouTube and an entire internet persona on various different web based platforms, being an international superstar, being the worlds greatest and of course being the one and only, and then keeping up with my closest friends that I can't see IRL (which nowadays is ALL of my friends), unfortunately finding time to do it all is tough -Jolteon
  3. I'm expecting you to photo-battle me Monkey. Things you gotta beat; Outside Earls Court London, Eurogamer Expo, dressed as a Pikachu, with the legend that is MrRoflWaffles. The gauntlet has been laid. Let the challenge commence. Who will win? We'll have to wait and see in the next episode of THE MONKEY AND THE JOLTEON registered trademark -Jolteon
  4. So I promised an updated picture, well how about a CoDz double hit? Here's myself and CoDz and Zombies legend MrRoflWaffles at Eurogamer Expo 2013. Oh, and I appear to be wearing a Pikachu o.O This next picture is myself atop the balcony inside Earls Court at the convention; still rocking that Pikachu. All in all it was a great weekend -Jolteon
  5. Been a real long time since I last posted in this thread; it used to be one of my favourites... Is that weird...? Anywho, who wants an updated Jolteon? -Jolteon
  6. It'll happen eventually mate. Getting into the Donor usergroup has to go through a lot of different people and processes before it can be put through. Only Lissa can see if a donation has gone through, so it will take time. Patience my friend -Jolteon
  7. I'm good with the sappy stuff; if you want to talk at all feel free to PM me and I'll be ahppy to help out however I can -Jolteon
  8. Welcome back everyone. I hope you all survived the horde. -Jolteon
  9. Dammit KAZ... You've been a true friend during our times here together on the best of all forums. You are one of the only people to stand by my side since day one; and I wouldn't be the man I am today were it not for yourself. Many people around here see you as Uncle KAZ... Not me. Not Jolteon. I see you as a brother. My brother. Brother KAZ. Gonna miss you buddy, and I hope to speak again soon. -BrotherJolteon
  10. My red, blue, yellow, gold and crystal have all had battery deaths. I managed to replace a couple of 'em, but silver is still standing strong. It's lucky because that's the one with all my best Pokemon from the first generations came from... I need to get them onto my Leaf Green file that has all my best Pokemon... If only... -Jolteon
  11. Haha if we're talking collectables, I should post a picture of my pre-anime Pikachu toy. It was released before the anime first aired meaning it's a chubby thing -Jolteon
  12. I see your Pokemon... And raise you MOAR POKEMON! (You may have to expand the images, they're quite large...) -Jolteon
  13. You must TAMB my name or forever hold thy peace. -Jolteon
  14. My friend, you are one of the best users on this site. You're friendly and helpful and you would be missed if you were to disappear. -Jolteon
  15. WKZ, in the future, when posting a new thread, feel free to send it over to me and I personally will proof read, fix any spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I am more than happy to do that for you, if you are happy to let me. -Jolteon
  16. I was in London on Friday I love London, it's such an awesome city. -Jolteon
  17. Well then, if we are sharing our current favourite songs, I feel like I should get in on this. PS. My song is a beast for slaying Zombies to, especially if you enjoy the genre Sco7GZOn1P8 -Jolteon
  18. I think we should all rebel against both Sony and Microsoft, and just all buy the Ouya. -Jolteon
  19. So the Xbox One reveal was terrible. Plus, then I found this: http://uk.gamespot.com/news/xbox-one-has-preowned-fee-6408671 It pretty much shows Microsoft for the money grabbing fools they are. If Sony don't follow, then the console war is potentially over. -Jolteon
  20. I feel like I'm cheating myself. I've recently been reminded of my huge thought provoking threads I used to write for the Member Lounge and Deep Thought. I don't do them anymore... I feel like I should try and do one sometime... For old times sake. Who knows? Maybe I'll get back into it all... In other news, I had an exam today and failed so epically I couldn't stop laughing when I left. It was laughter of despair, but it was still laughter. Laughter is good. -Jolteon

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