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  1. Can any of the mods delete my account? I'm never active anymore so I thought I'd delete it.
  2. Thanks for the heads up MMX! I've also noticed that, but mine lasted surprisingly long for a turtle beach I think personally. But it still broke in the end :lol:
  3. I will be sure to check these out thanks! Thanks for your suggestions whoever contributed! A question about the pulses, are they rechargeable? Or do you have to get new batteries for them if they run out ( new to the world of wireless headsets) Thanks in advance
  4. They look really cool, I think that is going to go on my list of possible headsets lol, Thanks!
  5. They look epic! Sadly my target price for a headset is around £30-£70 because I always get funny looks when I say that I want a headset that is over a hundred £100 . Congratulations on the promotion to a moderator as well! Don't ban me please! Lol
  6. I need a new headset because my old Turtle beach earforce p11 has lost the sound to both sides now and I was just wondering which headset you guys have liked the most. (State the price if you don't mind! I'm a bit frugal lol )
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