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  1. This is not a hoax. To get this persistent upgrade you must not go past round 4 on buried. then buy the olympia. you will get a green flash and then you will get a raygun.
  2. im doing it on waw pc. also my highest is round 30. I dont go for high rounds so I thought I would give it a try. im doing it tommorow
  3. this weekend im going to try to get to round 200 hundred on shi no numa on pc. first off I know it will be boring and time consuming but I know Ive definitly got the time to do it. I need music in the backround make it somewhat more fun. if anyone has a playlist of music that is really good id like to use it. so if anyone has any tips I would like to hear them k thx bie
  4. I would not like it to be the same maps again. BUT. remember what they did with studio? same layout it just looks different. i hope they do that with the original 4 maps. so like imagine verruct, but its in a hospital. the ground looks different. everythings different except the layout of the map. I would really like if they advertized it as a brand new map and then we get in and relize that it is the same map. just imagine playing a map and then getting a sense of de ja veux being all like "have i been here before" lol
  5. http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/dlc ... apons-pack look at the close up of the zombies camo. i think you might want to look closly. ive seen at least 3 things on here that are very important. they are easy to spot so ill let you guys find them your self... :twisted:
  6. hello people this is the week one results. hopefully next time we get more votes. you also get to vote for the next poll topic above. the result page will be a result/blog for me. the voting for the next poll ends Sunday. so this is the results RESULTS natcht der untoten: 0% voted verruct: 0% voted shi no numa: 5% voted der riese: 29% voted kino der toten: 0% voted dead ops arcade: 0% voted five: 5% voted (lol) ascension: 10% voted call of the dead: 14% voted shangri-la: 0% voted moon: 24% voted green run: 5% voted (who ever voted this is a retard no offense) nuketown zombies: 0% voted die rise: 0% voted mob of the dead: 10% voted so those are the results and im semi-dissapointed about it. oh well. anyways here is the video of the week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XLoMqydKN4 -thatgaminguy :twisted:
  7. what is this community going to do. what are we going to move on to? personally im going to start getting into the trials evolution community and getting involved with the secret meaning of that game. maybe watch some Lost. thats my plan. so I got thinking what will you do when its all over? tell me your plans....all of them :twisted:
  8. yah five was pretty good. I liked it for the challenge but I think it would have been better if they made it a bit bigger. maybe including the office spaces
  9. well I voted ascension because ascension is freaking awesome. second would have to be nuketown zombies third der reise
  10. so I wan to do a top 10 for every week. this week its your favourite zombies maps. how this will work is I will make a poll that will last for 1 week. in the meantime I will let you converse about your opinion on what to vote in the reply section. on the next day I will release a countdown thread or video (depending on what I have time for) stating what won. on that thread you will vote for the next countdown then the next monday a new countdown will start. hope you enjoy and your favourite wins. I know who im rooting for (god knows its not shangri-la.......f*ck shangri_la :evil: )
  11. we HAVE to get more people involved in this or its just going to fade away into the darkness of everyones minds. so with that said im researching how to crack codes and such because im not good at doing that at all and can someone post a photo off all 4 of the codes to help
  12. i just notices some notes on the wall of some of the cells so I got a sniper and looked at them. when I did it was just a bunch of code. ive found 3 or four. ive uploaded to videos of it on my channel MRcooldude6776. I wont be on to look at replies because im trying to get a sniper right now and video taping the rest. one is in the spawn room if you need proof. sorry really exiited so excuse the grammar k bie :D
  13. I have a feeling its fake man. he had his website across the poster. he talks about it saying it's fake and that the editor is criticizing his work. much like what people are doing to him about his videos. I think this is a way of self promotion
  14. the 20 points thing and the fire sale is cool and all but HOW THE HELL DID THE HOLE GET THERE!!!!!
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