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  1. I suppose I was just too on edge to hear correctly since I did the egg at 30 something lol you mentioned feguson not being the same guard from the cutscene yet Sal clearly adresses him as Ferguson in the beginning of the scene. Am I imagining this or is can you be mistaken? I didn't know about the water tower that is very interesting it really seems like there are different time zones surrounding the prison itself. In the Cafeteria there is also the menu board that has the date January 1, 1934. This was the day after the "Real life" Murder of Weasel. Also worth noting, is that
  2. Oh damn. I could've sworn I heard 1944! I'm going to double check the theater..feel like an idiot now. lol In the Cafeteria there is also the menu board that has the date January 1, 1934. This was the day after the "Real life" Murder of Weasel. Also worth noting, is that Ferguson says that he was a guard from 1933, so in the opening cutscene, he can not be that guard, as he wasn't even at Alcatraz when the 3 killed Weasel.
  3. The one critical element you are over looking is that the escape never took place. They were caught.afterwards billy,Sal,and fin. Killed weasel on the roof after luring him up there. After ward's ,in 1944, the three mobsters were executed. Listen to the headsets when you do the pop goes the weasel egg and you'll hear everything clearly. Time outside of the prison SEEMS exactly the way they REMEMBERED it but since they are in limbo they will never reach it since they are confined to the infinte loop to reflect on their wrong doings..just listen to the quotes when a character is down in multipla
  4. Interesting that it is the concensus of everyone that the box is not canon. I humbly disagree , simply because of the infinite loop theory. If we can agree that there IS an infinite loop, we can agree time does not matter meaning the guns in the box are giving a HUGE clue as to what the zombie 'host' knows, what time period they are possibly from, and the extent of their omnipotence. The host or zombie controller(controller being used very lightly) Is assumed to be a god like omnipotent being that lives outside of normal time is it a stretch to believe that Sam,richtofen, or the original inhab
  5. Sup dudes and she dudes. I was running through pop goes the weasel with ny friend the other day and actually listened to the headsets. The last one before you get to the roof is extremely important. It says that the execution was carried out on 1944. To be more exact Ferguson says following the murder, the execution was carried out swiftly the next day on (month, day)1944. I'm sure the actual date is important but the fact that they were dead AFTER 1944 suggests that the map it self is older than everyone thinks. Now of course being a theorist I have a few ideas how this contradiction st
  6. It's indeed ps3 and I never saw texture or images in the newspaper until this post, I'm going to try and snap a clear photo with my phone. Hmmmm flamethrower, did you play A LOT of tranzit or were like the majority that hated it and went to nuketown ? I ask only because hating a map tends to deter you from exploring and noticing things . I'm not calling you out or calling you inferior, so please do not misinterpret my words , its just i could've sworn I saw the back end of an airplane on fire where this pyramid like texture is. Maybe i dreamt it lol I had a dream about die rise where you
  7. I discovered something interesting about Weasel and the whole comic book thing a while back. I posted about it but didn't get much response... but I think it's worth bringing up again; Remember when the early promotional material for MotD started coming out and the characters names were first given? Weasel's first name was originally said to be "Arthur". But his name was then said to be "Albert Arlington", which makes a lot more sense for someone called "Al". Still, the quick rename seemed really odd. Now, as many people have said before, when put together Al's drawing of his charact
  8. In tranzit mode, green run. There were always newspapers on the floor of the bus but they were alway blank.with no texture and then yesterday it showed his picture and the weird diagram . Also I could've sworn there was a crashed airplane by the farm, all the sudden its replaced with a pyramid that has rocks and trees on it. There are strange going ons in green run and incidently great leap forward as well.if you look at the moon in die rise there are a series of tiny red dots on the moon..I know its hard to go back after mob of the dead but it just seems like there are things unfolding as the
  9. Well, my title says it all, I'm confused at what I just saw on the bus . Idk if it because I've never looked on floor of the bus or if it was added in sneakily in a patch, but, marltons in a picture of a newspaper on the floor. He must've been pretty important to his community , there's more to these characters than meets the eye apparently. Has anyone else seen this? Is it old am I'm blind? There's also another one that looks like boarding instructions or somethings. Perhaps there's more to find in tranzit mode now that die rise and mob of the dead are uploaded the secretbof green run wi
  10. Yeah I agree with death, its a reference to prohibition, I like billy quote when he drink jug, he talks about how Finns first still was nasty and Finn drinks jug and says its good and reminds him of his first stilll lol Im curious about th me dog heads and raygun thing..weasel seems to have something to do deeply with the storyline. He says things to the zombies that kinda of make me think he created them in a way as well..when he gets hit he sometimes says, 'you mugs don't even know what you're doing huh?' Implying they're attacking the wrong one.the pop goes the weasel egg also reinforces th
  11. It's makes me sad to read all the green run hate comments! Transit is super easy and super fun on solo. Co op brings outs the trolls and point whores. Running the tunnel with mustang and sally and a skullcrusher is the most fun I've had next to sliquifying the floors in front of the doorway by the ak74u so that the zombies slide off the building lol in al honesty though, mob of the dead is frustrating at first for the same reason that die rise was, you NEED to get to know the map, once you do there is an obvious flow to getting the plane parts.you can use the tunnels to train the entire cellbl
  12. I know this a bit old now but...a zombie map in poop....I....I..I...I just don't know if we're playing the same game! I play the zombies for the map detail, the dilapidated landscapes, the sci fi nature of the locations , amount other things of course, but the surroundings are what truly decide if I will play the map and enjoy or not..and well...sludgy brown messes would not be interesting to slay undead in.lol tranzit and die rise game modes took forever to finish and left many player frustrated and throwing controllers..mob of the dead was completed rather quickly AND has knocked everyone's
  13. DAMN..I got excited for a crazy new wonder weapon or tactical that stretched time and space:/ at least my game isn't defective lol thanks for the replies guys!
  14. So lately in green run, specifically the stamin up building in town, I have been getting weird reactions from the zombies when I kill them in a hoard. Before die rise came out they were being flung around the map when I shot them with high power weapons. Now when get a lot of headshots at the same time the zombies curl up and stretch out in the air..to multiple points at the same time. It's really freaky. The last one I saw was the neck and head of a zombie stretched out like a snake above the box location..maybe this is an effect of testing new wonder weapons or map effects? Any one else expe
  15. The campaign devs gave us what we wanted basically and the zombies teams is making the game harder. I'm hoping your first theory is correct and that green run and great leap forward were just maps to make us think the rest would suck..I just don't get why they're effing with the perks so much...we just want to run and gun and find cool stuff for easter eggs along the way. Not pray the randomness of the map gives us an accessible juggernog. There's a fine line between challenging and frustratingly annoying. Ithink we can agree we play zombies to take a break from being 1000% on edge from multip
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