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  1. Wait so most of you guys like the screaming? Man, I must not have a good taste for music then. Paredolia and Coming home just seem to intense for me. I mean i liked the parts when the song got calm for a few seconds, but once everything got all loud it ruined it for me. :|
  2. I would hope that returns for Black Ops 2. But for the love of god Treyarch, PLEASE NO MORE SCREAMO(or whatever it's called)!
  3. I think that's just the sun Yea he's right it's just a Lens flare . Also the guy "Tebowinig" (lol) kinda looks like he could be Woods. Lol my eyes arn't to great so Idk.
  4. I thought it looked pretty cool. I hated the CoD community so i didn't buy MW3, but i might be able to deal with some little kids and A-holes after watching this. And Imagine how zombies will be! Think of the Wonder Weapons! Hell they looked pretty futuristic in BO, just think how they'll look in BO2!
  5. You do know that shangri-lan is also set in 2011, dont you? (or whenever COTD is set) Remember the radios on Shangri-la say Ando, which was a company founded in 2004. And why would Richtofen have the golden rod in Shangri-la if its before COTD?
  6. Meh. They were better in WAW. I don't even play the maps that don't have a pack a punch in the BO version because it gets boring so fast. In WAW the maps felt a lot better. Shi no numa from WAW is still my favorite map out of ALL the zombie maps (including BO). The only map people will be playing will probably be Der riese, so WAW zombies will still probably have players :|
  7. Idk why, but i just had the sudden erge to give you some brains. [brains]
  8. The MP5k has a grip on it. The gun in the picture does not. notice the difference? I think its the Skorpian, but i dont think it will apear in the maps. They had a Ak47 on the COTD poster,but there isn't an AK47 on COTD.
  9. YOU SIR HAVE BLOWN MY MIND!! Really nice theory. Seems plausible. Here have some Delicious Nutritious [brains]
  10. There's only one one problem with Steiner being the theif...didn't he die a couple of years after Five takes place?
  11. Any one else notice that the Gas Crawler (if that is a Gas Crawler) has eyes in The pic? Weird since in the game, you can clearly see that it doesn't. Wonder why that is. :| Dont know if that's helpful, but i just thought i should point that out. Edit: Also noticed he has a nose Here's a pic just to clarify As you can see, no nose or eyes. :P
  12. I don't know why but i don't think of Shangri-La as a jungle, so any song involving a jungle doesn't really fit it IMO.
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