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  1. mine off the top of my head are these: (I will update more later) 1. nazi_zombie_ali 2. yotes lair 3. project_x 4. panic center 5. zombie rich
  2. mine off the top of my head are these: (I will update more later) 1. nazi_zombie_ali 2. yotes lair 3. project_x 4. panic center 5. zombie rich
  3. Things from the die rise tv's Paranoia, plotting against others, short term memory loss. maybe I'm making mountains outta molehills but its fun to speculate things :P
  4. I buy the power right away if you turn on the power you can just ride the lolavator back up to get more sliq peices saves you from having to buy the 1000 point stair baracade I will just sit up in power room till I have 1200 for the ak build the sliq (to get the foot on the couch ride the single lolavator in the back up a floor) I usually just let the round continue while I build the sliq because well, its round 2 and I have an ak74u and I need points for jugg after my guns are ak74u/sliq I will ride the lolavator to the roof then head to build the trample steam if I'm srrs bout that game , or just head to where I wanna rape train that game
  5. 1. moon I'm a storyline easter egg kinda guy 2. Call of the Dead awesome map, had zipline flinger wunderwaff flopper it had it all scavenger favorite ww to date 3. five underrated map, difficult learning curve 4. kino first map I raped trains!!!! 5. any map with the wunderwaff honerable mentions: just figured I'd post some of my favorite custom maps too for WaW players 1. nazi_zombie_ali 2. yotes lair 3. project_x 4. panic center 5. zombie rich if you like custom maps I would seriously suggest playing those if you havnt :)
  6. this is already possible with ease start game, down freight lolavator, kill 3-6 zombies, jump across buildings, open double doors for power, wait for lolavator in power room, ride it to da top floor! you are now on the roof with the dragon. climb ramp to tower for achieve can be done offline custom game
  7. Solo easter eggs. Well, the way I'm more looking at it is Char specific ee's How awesome would it be to just have a multitude of ee's to accomplish How I would imagine it would be in a 4 player match it would be disabled. (wouldn't HAVE to be) but solo/2/3 player games you could do your character specific ee. how sweet would that be? it would just add that much more to find! and that extra bit that solos really missing good way for treyarch to add backstory to their playable characters. Example: marlton it could involve those cages and his role in the release of denizens Reward could just be all persistant upgrades obtained for current game or somthing what are your guys thoughts on this? I hope treyarch can impliment this! but it seems like they scared of too much work :P
  8. could there be a connection at all? stu clearly used to eat human flesh n whatnot he has all the symptoms could there be a cure that relates to the story? (as far as I know the vr11 was just a temp thing)
  9. I only play solo or two player usualy its super easy round 1 get auto gun get sliq get jug fart around in buddah room till I get mule kick and points of plenty. leace a runner go get 3rd wep pap it all bangeasy setup for a game when your in a hurry!
  10. There are two ways of achieveing free perks in die rise you can do the easter egg and get all 6 perks (richtofen or maxis), OR you can make sure 100% of your shots fired hit the nova6 cocaine crawler guys you can do this by knifing or just being hella good with the aiming (side note: knifing earns you extra points, plus a 2000 point bonus when you kill the last one) (easy route is go into the buddah room and run figure 8s up and down the columns they easy to shoot/knife coming up a column)
  11. when the game first came out. I didn't know the turret had friendly fire so I wanted to use the new things! got all set up jugg dub tapp paped weps ran around built the turret set it up in the farm run to go build the electric trap, get last peice fall down pit. try again next game! make the jump just to get there finally with all the electric trap and the turret and the turbine! just to get mowed down by my own chopper
  12. Has anyone got the point cap on tranzit? I assume its 1,000,000 The points cap for the bank is 250,000 My question is has anybody tried maxing out your points before starting either easter eggs? I would assume that only one player would need to get this, maybe four but I doubt it I know bank tax and point trade may be an issue :/ But well, it is not a sprint, it is a marathon! So if all four players withdraw all and give to one player (I'd try stu) So starting from round one, one player will need to get to 6000 points (for knucks) One player will need to get to 750 points (diner door) One player will need to get to 1000 points (bank) and one player will need to find the roof hatch. Give all to one player and then start the easter egg! Its hard to find 4 players with max bank willlin to do this online haha :P
  13. interesting fir those who havnt watched it it shows misty shooting the ballistic knives not reviving anyone. shoots at floor on balcony, nothing shoots at wall still on balcony, nothing goes onto the floor, no balcony, shoots down and Maxis starts speaking two things we thought nessesary are not? 1. stu needs the knives 2. we must revive russman what does this say abiut the ee itself?
  14. You lose the quick revive upgrade by starting a revive then stopping/leaving before the rez is done. Tested many times.
  15. maybe you need to have richtofens side saved on tranzit so try doing tranzit richtofen then die rise after?
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