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  1. changed my mind about tactical mask, pro looks pretty beast.
  2. my ps3 has been yellow-lighted for over half a year now. my dad was to lay to fix it in the summer and now my parents wont because i dont have strait a's, which i have never had in my life....
  3. no, mason is the main character. this is the first time you play as the main character in call of duty. mason also talks, and he is the one being interrogated in the gknova6 room
  4. rpk, galil, mpl, pps-43, ak74, stakeout, dragunov, but most of all, the M14
  5. quickscoping is the abusing of auto-aim. everybody and their fucking dog can quickscope. It also takes out all balancing of the sniper rifle. its like a long-range spas-12
  6. want proof they are linked? look at the main menu.
  7. SPOILER!!! yes, i saw leaked footage. you will fight with the biggest badass in COD history. next to Richthofen, of course, and followed by Captain Price.
  8. a lot of guns have those irl. and only the famas and commando have those so far from what i have seen
  9. They didnt invent call of duty! Treyarch made the first 3 games in the COD series but I agree that they are not failward cod 4 was good but mw2 was fail. here is a list of the cod titles and their respective developers: Call Of Duty-IW Call Of Duty: Your Finest Hour-T Call of Duty 2-IW Call of Duty 2: Big Red One-T Call of Duty 3-T Call Of Duty 4-IW Call Of Duty: World At War-T Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Reflex-T Modern Warfare 2: IW Call Of Duty: Black Ops: T Infinity Ward did in fact start Call Of Duty.
  10. thats cool, guys, but there is also reznov at :23
  11. could be a finished der reise :shock:
  12. there should also be a ps3 group, i am really good a clutching, and i always save my teammates. i am not good at killing them, just running. i always only use wall guns for ammo and might try for a monkey. my psn is dukeofluke, but my ps3 is dead ant its likely to be dead for a long while, unless my parents fix it for my birthday at the end of the month. untill then, i go to my friends house at least twice a week, and he has all map packs. his psn is nillocisi. so if you think i can help out, email me at [email protected], and let me know if you ever want to start a group, but let it be known i will not be available except for the afternoons a couple times a week.
  13. its mostly the community. in cod4 and [email protected] there was one homogeneous group of gamers who played fairly and it was fun for everybody, while there was a few noobs that didn't mess up the game because they couldn't do anything that was annoying, and they were not successful if they tried (except for mp40 jugg, but that wasnt a big deal if you use the ppsh). It was, in all aspects, the closest to perfection a game has been since the ocarina of time. in MW2, almost everything in the game had been made to cater to the casual audience, which was a great marketing technique, but they forgot about their biggest fans, the hardcore audience. so in MW2, there were then 3 new factions created, each with their own level of maturity. The hardcore fans split into two separate groups. the more mature ones split up and became the tactical players. these people are too often labeled as campers, because they will hold a strategic position to get kills as long as possible. they won't do anything overly cheap, but they will use nearly any tactic so long as it is effective. i am one of these. then there are the 'pros', the least mature group. these people were the ones who hated noobs the most in cod4 and [email protected], so now that MW2 has so many noobs, they feel that they need to prove themselves to be good players by handicaping themselves and encouraging others to do so. for example, quickscopers who are less efficient with a sniper rifle, yet they scream like bitches whenever someone doesnt quickscope. they also like to knife, and bragg about how many nukes they can get. yeah, these guys piss me off. then the last group are the noobs who like to noob toob and do things similar, and they are of middle maturity and dont understand how much they piss people off. my advice to fellow tactical players, MW2 will freaking rock when black ops comes out, because all the noobs and 'pros' will go play black ops, so we can get some actual fun out of MW2. [brains]
  14. flip it upside down, it says EBOLA, a diseas that can sometimes cause zombie-like symptoms.
  15. i absolutely love everything except for: -spec ops (after zombies, 'twas meh) -quickscoping (it takes no skill, auto-aim) -ACR (no recoil. not exagerating) -fags who yell at me because i dont sprint blindly into the middle of the map. -overpowered/unlimited ammo noob toobs -commando -campaign rocked soooooo hard but it was too fun to end so quickly -not enought perks -overpowered killstreaks -no alien terrorists -50 cal heartshot hitmarkers. -lastly, (incoming rant) the old cod games were all fun, high action, fast-paced shooters with a fantastic community that was full of mature people (even if they were in fact 12 years old) who just played farily, and had fun, although there was always one noobtuber in cod4 who ended up with a negative kdr. Modern Warfare 2, however, tried too hard in an effort to gain profit to get more casual gamers in, by eliminating all forms of skill involved with getting a high score. not just that, they encouraged camping and using cheap and annoying tactics to get a nuke. so in response to this, there became three cod factions. tactical players(me), noobs, and 'pros'. the tactical players play just like they did in the earlier cod titles, and end up with terrible scores. the noobs are the people new to cod who dont understand what is annoying and what isnt. the 'pros' are the people who played other cod titles, but because of the recent inclusion of noobs, they somehow feel that they have to proove themselves by doing things that they claim takes skill, but doesnt at all. and if you dont do what they say, they cry like bitches when you beat them. these are the quickscopers, rushers, commando knifers, etc. i cant tell you how often i get screamed at by a twelve year old who catches me sniping without quickscoping. or when i am called a noob for holding a position and trying to get as many kills as i can while there, without running into the fray and getting killed by someones aa-12. so yeah, its the communities fault. rant over.
  16. it means shoot your buddy and have him act as a monkey bomb.
  17. sorry, but i watched the video, they are not the same song. one is gknova6 is minor, that is major. dont listen to this guy, i am a musician raised by musicians with a musician sister that goes to a school full of musicians and plays in a band at church with very talented musicians, and i know what i am talking about.
  18. this song is not looped in gknova6. they are very close, but the song you have shown us is in a major key, and the one in gknova6 is minor. trust me on this one, listen to them back to back, you will definately hear the difference.
  19. Tomorrow it will appear on Two Down's website, the guys recording music for Black Ops So Treyarch have an expansive in house team who produce their game music, where is your proof that TwoDown are involved with ACTI or Treyarch? Privide the proof or the logic of your arguement does not exist no matter how hard you try to misconsture it. Absolute proof of TwoDown producing audio for Treyarch or GTFO. I was hoping for some Dub from Vahn myself.. well, treyarch didnt produce the nazi zombie music, that was some other band.
  20. Hmm...nothing popped up on google. its russian. someone said it was german, but they forgot that the german alphabet is the same as ours and does not have backwards n's
  21. fuck you, this is REALLY important!!!!!!!!!
  22. i jizzed :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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