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  1. It's a shame that this is about two hours old.
  2. Sup, OP here. I don't know who found it, but one of the members here got a snapshot of a picture of a map on the gk website. Me thinks its an overhead view of the zombie hospital. http://static.socialgo.com/cache/173440/image/300.png Enjoy.
  3. Thank you for making me look in the upper right hand corner, it made me notice a board being knocked off a window. THANK god this is still like classic zombies, I thought for a second there it would be different like you start out with Ak's and storm in the building or something.
  4. I feel like a weirdo, but I did that too lol
  5. Lol, I see quick revive. Makes me happy how Treyarch is adding a lot of new stuff, but keeping the old stuff.
  6. GUYS, I just realized... since Gknova6 is connected to zombies, and in one of the leaked videos of Black Ops campaign the guy said "We have to get there before nova6 is weaponized" or something like that. Does that mean zombies in campaign :O
  7. http://www.gknova6.com/index.php Zombies!!!!! UPDATE: After looking through this video, it appears as if the first zombie map will be a zombie hospital? Hell yes! x_Xx9oju5AQ
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