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  1. I just realised another thing that makes me not believe this.... Apparently the map pack is being made by a different company to treyarch, so how would you accidentaly download ascension with the original treyarch maps... sorry man id like to believe you but the evidence stacks up against you at the moment. japattacks pics dont help either coz they are all blurry and barely relate to the things the both of you have said. but go ahead and prove me wrong when the dlc is released :)
  2. Dude if this is a fake, at least it was a well thought out fake and just the usual random bs like every other fake map idea... and as for the people who are like "obviously if he had actually played it he would have taken pics or filmed it" - there is a large portion of the gaming community that don't have capture cards, myself included. also if you were in that position and you were playing a map that you shouldn't be, as if you would stop to take some pictures, especially as it was live and wouldnt pause so you can get a camera.. Im not saying i believe you yet, as there isn't any proof, but still i hope that it turns out like this coz that would be wicked. I just highly doubt that you would accidentally download the file with the original maps... besides if you did there should be a record of the file somewhere, coz you cant play Black Ops maps that you havent actually downloaded onto your 360 or have unlocked them. All things considered i really hope that you are right.
  3. I just want to disprove some of the things i said as i went back again to confirm them. I was wrong about the third teddy, it is still there i just couldnt see it or shoot it the first time (it didnt say YOU WIN! GAME OVERRRRRRRR), but when i went back i shot there even though i couldnt see it and it did say i won rather disappointing as i thought that maybe i had something there.
  4. My highest ever was 28 with a friend on splitscreen... that was an unbelievably tense match, i was shaking so uncontrollably. it looked like we were going to fail on round 26, but then we got max ammo when we were both on last mag with 30 rounds left for the MG's and then we managed to make it two more levels. good times
  5. So what the majority of what people are saying is that it is inappropriate to have (pretty poorly done tbh) sexual images as emblems, but its okay for younger siblings to watch people getting shot in the head and having limbs blown off? does anyone else see a contradiction there? It is a mature rated game meant for people over 15 years of age, so you should expect to deal with mature themes. I think people should be able to have fun with their player cards and do whatever they like. you can barely see them anyway coz they only show up big if you click on their name. I personally would rather have an emblem that says something about myself and how i play the game, but thats the whole point of it - personalising everything. If you enjoy having a laugh by doing something like that becuse thats just how you are then i think you should go ahead. If you are being disturbed by something as silly as this i think that this game is clearly too mature a game for you... that is my opinion
  6. I totally agree. its stupid to be complaining so soon. its been out for what? exactly a week? It is weird, it is harder to play, it does require more skill to play, it does take some getting used to. my first reaction when playing was that everything seems heavier and more sluggish. But overall it is so much better than modern warfare. Im loving the fact that i actually have to think about what im doing to do well. The maps are really well set out in my opinion. i think everyone should give the game some time before complaining
  7. I have found very few things to dislike about black ops so far and it is an awesome game However, there are a few things that have really annoyed me: -Matchmaking is terrible for me for some reason as almost every game i have joined i have had terrible connection and it has taken ages to matchmake - even though i have really decent internet. -LAST STAND! i have seen so many people using this now that its readily available from the very start. and its really annoying when i shoot enough rounds into someone to kill them twice and they still drop to the ground and shoot me before i have time to aim downwards. -MW2 noobs on zombies that have no clue what to do and dont have mics - (I played a match the other day and two of my teammates got downed 3 times before the end of round 2...) Those are my only annoyances so far.
  8. Well me and my brother played the updated version of Der Riese this morning and i decided to have a poke around and see if i could find any more easter eggs. While i wasn't very successful on that front, i did notice a few new things as well as some cool things about the Black Ops guns. We opened all doors, linked all teleporters and activated the fly trap. This was where i first noticed something interesting. After activating the fly trap we shot the teddy in the cage and the monkey bomb in the furnace, but we couldnt find the teddy with the knife in the window for some odd reason - perhaps it has been moved to some place else... The other thing i noticed was that some of the boards look slightly different (I had no pictures of the original boards on hand at the time so it could just be the updated graphics made them seem different, but they seemed to have a few new things on them in places). Thats about all i found in the way of easter eggs so far, but mind you i wasnt really looking too hard and we didnt spend much time really trying to find things. Perhaps someone would like to look into that more... As for other cool things we noticed: >Quick Reload seems to make you run faster and for longer distances (I had an RPK at the start and i moved fairly slowly, but as soon as i bought the perk i seemed to run a lot quicker) >The ray gun seems to do less splash damage than before >You now restock betties with max ammo >The PaP'd AUG has a shotgun attachment that is also PaP'd (It shoots red lazer shotgun ammo) >I couldn't work out how to PaP Monkey Bombs or the Bowie Knife >All the radios seem to still play the same recordings - There could be more but we didnt find them Hope this info helps some people. Feel free to add your findings here too.
  9. Aw damn i so want in on this but i have a 360 :/ is there anything else thinking of doing this but on 360 who wants some help?
  10. DO A FLIP!!! But seriously dude dont worry about it. is there a mates place you can go to to get your first taste of the game? that way you can still play the game and work on getting yours fixed in the meantime. Im truly sorry for your loss :(
  11. My first two are interchangeable, but at this point im thinking... (one in the chamber and gun game) - Campaign (Probs on easy so i dont rage at the game and find the campaign annoying) - Zombies - Combat training (To familiarise myself with the guns) - then i will head on to MP. i just cant wait so badly. 2 more days!!!!!
  12. This is one of the better strategies i've read. Its a shame your PS3 coz i would have loved to play some Zombehs on the 360 using this plan. I only noticed one flaw though - You say that you need to conserve your points until the push to 30 and stuff, but you dont specify when it is a good time to activate the teleporters, coz you obviously cant upgrade until you do. when is the best time to do so?
  13. We know you cant equip death machine>> if you look up to the first post that i made starting this topic i didnt say neccessarily that this is what i want for create a class, i said what are the weapons people are looking forward to using? i just think the death machine will be sick to use when you get it from a care package :)
  14. Yeah im in, though i might have average connection coz im from AUS but my internet is pretty good so we'll see what happens. Sounds like a great idea. GT: PR1VAT3 P4RTZ TZ: GMT +10:00 so Mountain time +17:00 which will be about 11:00am for me. Will it be running all day or for a while? coz i might have school if i cant skip so i might be on 10pm your time...
  15. Yeah i agree that the barrel magazine gun looks pretty awesome - i love its little crank handle on the side that you wind up (almost like a car window) after reloading. Should be pretty good too because it looks like one of the classified guns that you only unlock after buying all the other guns in the assault rifle class. OMG how could i have forgotten the steyr! that too
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