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  1. Yeah hi dude make yourself at home.BTW Grix i love your siggy
  2. http://www.twodownmusic.com/ here you are
  3. I think you're right dear sir Cough"wewereright"cough
  4. bird of pray

    HL video

    This was looped in Gknova6.This is the full version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvp2MQZN ... r_embedded
  5. -Bump- But yeah that kinda scared me alittle.
  6. Thanks you two have been too kind.
  7. Thanks man! I like your death star avatar.
  8. Hi all im bird of pray from the original chat room.Ive been lurking on this forum for about a year until i decided to just hurry up and join.Well anyways thanks for having me here :D
  9. Rooster and jj you guys can join me and supersize in The bird Of Gk Resitnce.
  10. Does anyone remember what the name of the chat room was if they do please post it.
  11. Thats true my fellow bird.If any of you need help with anything just ask me ill wikipedia it.
  12. Okay everyone can join the birds if they want BTW hi no surprise.
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