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  1. Hooray! They saved it for us PS3-ers!! I love treyarch!!
  2. Ok, now I know there are multiple threads like this, but the search bar didn't work So, what was your WORST Zombie Experience? Mine happened earlier. I just had bad luck at zombies. I tried and tried the box, it was literally ALWAYS the Python, LAW, or CZ75. Every single time. I went down 13 times from One Hit Kills. It is around round 15, I finally get Juggernaut and a moderate weapon ( Galil) Me and my friend are getting ready to teleport. I say, WAIT! Leap Frog! He jumps over me, and all of a sudden ( it was the end of the round and we had a crawler) five zombies come. But nope! We kill them. He jumps over me....... we knock heads, and die. I couldn't decide whether to pee my pants laughing or cry. So What's YOUR experience?
  3. Haha, readingthiswastesurtime.com/upyours. Nice, the Nuke symbol from MW2 was barely recognizable +1 [brains] for fooling people
  4. Well, I never knifed him ( directly), but something strange has happened before. I was downed with the PAP Ballistic Knife, and a bunch of freakbags were chasing him. He didn't have juggernog, but he was far ahead of any zombies. I fired (jokingly) my Ballistic Knife a bit in front of him and he went down. Now I don't know if I hit him with the knife ( how could that kill him?) or if he got hit by a freakbag ( unlikely, he was too far ahead of them to be hit twice)
  5. Nice! I don't think anyone's posted this, but Idk. Lol, can you try and get a picture of it? Zoom in with a sniper rifle to try and get a better view.
  6. Why would you give me negative brains for disagreeing with you? What is wrong with everyone, they all give me negative brains for disagreeing? Negative Brains for negative people ............... Just saying. We gotta figure out who this guy is.
  7. JD is a refrence to JD_2020. hes the community manager for treyarch yeah i know but the [email protected] maps didnt have and y just have it now on these maps??? Actually, JD was hidden all over Der Riese!!!
  8. Hey guys! I was gunna make a thread on this too. I don't remember if it was in one of these intels or in a cutscene before a campaign level, but I remember reading that Mason's father recieved a Purple Heart for wounds recieved at the battle of Makin Atoll
  9. I think he's talking about using the GUNSHIP, not the Chopper Gunner. Like in the last mission ****SPOILERS********* When you are attacking the boat and you have to shoot down the choppers, he's talking about using THAT CONTROLLABLE chopper. But I may just be misreading your post buddy Really man? You're such a downer. No, oh good idea, but I don't think I'd like it; or It's cool, but not for me. Just simply too easy and simple and boring. Really? I'd like to see you play a match of this and come in first if it's too easy and simple for you. Really man, stop being so negative.
  10. I think he'd crap his pants and his head would explode.
  11. Nice finds, gotta try these out, I haven't made it past round 9 :oops:


    Hey guys, I'm sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I searched and didn't find anything: When you first put in the game, there is a cutscene of a woman who says the following: Ascension 7 15 1 2 19 7 25 6 13 6 7 15 14 0. What can these numbers possibly mean? And also, sometimes the cutscene pops up, sometimes it doesn't. ( P.S. I'm way behind on everything, I didn't get to play the game until 9:30 last night and I only played the first half of the first mission)
  13. We don't want spoilers, silly. My bad, i thought the guy's name was Mason, I guess, but it still makes sense. What do we need to free mason from? its not a spoiler, i dont have seen any leaked footage myself. but i am pretty sure it is because of al tv's and stuff edit: what look up spoiler bla bla, its a movie, you know, the deer hunter MMmyyy bad bro, I thought it was a hint to look up a leaked video, too many people have been saying, LOOK UP (name here) or look up (this there). That's My bad
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