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  1. Around 8:40 to 8:43, do you guys see the t.v above the box is red? Is it just me or is it like that sometimes??
  2. I have never even see the DG-2 in the box come up
  3. Dude, just quite winning about the small details that Black Ops does not have and if you really hate the game that much, don't play the freaking thing and don't go online and post it all over the place just so you can get noticed, or whatever your trying to do. Really, if your stressing out all over about a VIDEO GAME!!!! Then there is really something wrong with you!
  4. Dude I totally agree with you Physicalchimera
  5. Come on dude, it's a game. Why did you even buy the freaking game if your complaining about it's grafix. And Treyarch created many new ideas like zombies, costom sights, costom emblems, 15 prestiges, more weapons, many different varieties of maps that take place at different times, new and better killstreaks, new perks, more and better cammos like gold, face paints, change the way you look by the first perk, and much much more. Also, even if Black Ops does not have the latest and most desired engine for you, Black Ops is made mostely to have fun while playing call of duty by actually having equally matched weapons, total costomization, and you can actually play the game for more than 4 months without rage quitting. Just my opinion.
  6. i like how its your thread you want to keep it all on, but yeah its best A. I was first. B. These are all duplicate topics after mine C. They'll just get merged or deleted anyway... A, B, C??? lol
  7. lol has anyone noticed the insane monkeys jumping all over the perk machine?
  8. I thought it would be kinda cool if everyone created there own customized weapon on this cool site called PimpMyGun. Create a gun of any kind that you want on this site and the paste it on this thread. The weapon that you make could even be an idea for Black Ops Zombies. Here is the gun I made... http://img842.imageshack.us/i/picture5lm.png/ step 1: create your gun step 2: paste it on this thread step 3: tell us what your whole idea of the gun is link: http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/ If you do not like the selection of the weapons, go to the main menu and at the top click on "play old version". thanks
  9. If you have found one of the newer Easter eggs in kino der toten you probably recognized this title. I have been searching through the Internet for some of the sections placed in the paper below the m16 in kino der toten and as you know below the heading it says in the first sentence "We have (?) listed both Tabun and Sarin." so I looked up those two words. Tabun and Sarin. Here is two links for both Tabun and Sarin. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarin?wasRedirected=true http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabun_(nerve_agent)?wasRedirected=true They both seem to be some kind of cemical oder like nova gas
  10. If it had zombies in it, i would actually care. But otherwise, its just a dumb trailer with a new song and beat to it.
  11. oh ya and tell me if you want to be on the maybe list as well. the maybe list is were you may not make it to the game or you cant get online
  12. ok guys, nine people are attending so far and only one person on the maybe list
  13. That zombies thing would be kinda weird. i think it will probably just give you an achievement and maybe a gun would appear in a room
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