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  1. Well boys, it seems like you've already been at it, trying to crack the case. How may I help?
  2. Hey guys, long time no see. I thought I would post some answers to some questions that are often asked. Q: What does Ph.D Flopper do? A: Removes all splash damage, fall damage, and when you dive to prone from a high level, you will emit a shock wave killing all zombies around you. Q: What does Stamin-Up do? A: Stamin-Up is essentially lightweight for zombies, very useful for LMG's. Q: How do I stop the monkeys from taking my perks? A: The monkeys will attack the perk machines of the perks your group currently owns. To stop them, simply shoot them before they latch onto the machine. Also, monkeys, like dogs, will drop max ammos at the end of the round, AND will occasionally drop a perk bottle that gives you a random perk. Q: How do I get to pack-a-punch? A: If you've seen carbonfibah's video, here, you know that if you escape on all three landers and launch the rocket, Pack-a-Punch will be in the area below where the rocket was (where the boosters ignite). Q: Where can I find the sickle? A: The sickle is next to the landing pad by Speed Cola, it costs 3000 points and is the substitute for the Bowie Knife. Q: How many dolls are there? A: 4. Again, see carbonfibah's video here to know the locations. Q: How do I activate the song in Ascension? A: In the aforementioned video, hold X or Square on all teddy's to activate the song (which is called Abracadavre by Kevin Sherwood, sung by Elena Siegman, click here to listen). Q: What new weapons are in Ascension? A: The only knew weapons are the Sickle, Gersh Device, and Maroushka Dolls. I'd like to thank carbonfibah for his videos and information helping me with this FAQ. If you have any questions, feel free to post and I, as well as others, will work on getting back to you ASAP. Thanks :)
  3. No, unfortunately it is not in Ascension
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_t15SbT ... eature=sub I placed Number 3 out of 5. I start at 1:32.
  5. There are sooo many moments. I would have to go with the first month or so I was on CoDz. I signed up like the second day, but didn't return for about 3 weeks. After reading through the forum, I decided to stick around. I remember being excited seeing carbonfibah online in the chatbox lol. He was like a God to us all back then, having been to Treyarch studios and being so famous for his "zawmbie feeriez." Everytime I saw him I'd be on my best behavior and kiss ass to him haha. I would constantly ask to play with him, whether it was Battlefield 1943 or WaW, and when he did play with me I was so excited. Then we became better friends and promoted me to moderator, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Anyway, I could go on forever. CoDz will always hold a special place in my heart.
  6. Status Update: Got to 10th 70 LEGIT about a month ago :)
  7. Good find! So any possibility of tracing the IP adresses on those Google threads?
  8. Wait, isn't the phone blue not black?
  9. I texted him asking for pics so we could get to work, he hasn't replied :/ I don't expect him to. He's a busy man right now
  10. Looky here, in the uncut trailer one of the men looks like Sgt. Reznov from World at War. Could he make an appearance? Close up/Larger image What do you guys think?
  11. Been staring at your avatar for quite some time now... Welcome :)
  12. Try doing another Temporal Frequency Analysis
  13. While this points to Vietnam, The Steyr AUG was put into use in 1978
  14. firevice


    GhostG45? Hell yea I remember you. You used to be friends with my brother. Welcome to the forums!
  15. Glad you found the new site! Welcome to our new home
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