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  1. probably not the Easter Egg song.
  2. this is Suspicious, your user name is Matthewop yet you say your name is Lisa. Why a guy name as a username? also your sig is Numb3rs and Ghost Whisperer, some of the same shows that spammers have been creating forums about. Welcome to the forum but I'll be watching you.
  3. anybody think the virtual therapist could be something, maybe say the right things and it will give you secret messages.
  4. anyone notice the five portraits in the first room you unlock upstairs. it has the four characters you play as and the fifth on is just a silhouette, if you hold X to them the character you play as has dialog for it. Takeo says "maybe what was is now no more but shall be again." the paintings are weird, it must be their future selves because they're a little aged in the paintings, even Dempsey says Nickolai gained a few pounds. also whats with the writing on the walls in the different rooms. "Brimstone to Damnation" "Beware of the 6" "knowledge itself is for the taking" there is another behind the projector screen but i can't make it out.
  5. its just the name of the gun, cause in dead ops arcade you get the achievement "Sally likes Blood" when you shoot 3 zombies with one bullet.
  6. Anyone notice when you turn on the power the building shakes a little and it sounds like something big is banging on the roof. it doesn't sound like a zombie cause the growls are deeper. could it be the cosmic silverback? just my thoughts.
  7. Music Video i made for Black Ops, i had to re-upload it. SmGK0xIKU6E
  8. yes, Carbon is awesome. he even checked out one of my videos. he is one awesome dude.
  9. this is probably not important but there's a Double Rainbow in Black Ops map "NukeTown". this is not a spoiler, its from gamespot interview/gameplay. pic here: video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDVm8yAGNpg
  10. yeah just shoot them in the face with a shotgun executioner style.
  11. well im glad for that. i know now that boosters cant boost in FFA matches and wager matches but what about other game modes. i was playing demolition in MW2 the other day and actually found boosters in are game. one guy on our team and another from theirs. they hid in a glitch and boosted till one got a nuke. so i hope Treyarch also has something instored for those type of boosters
  12. Are some of the shotguns over ranged and are the pistols stronger? also did you see hear any hints about zombies?
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