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  1. So true Carbon, I followed this site since der riese and listened to all the theories and the story and was amazed by the effort and creativity to produce an awesome story. I finally joined after the GKNOVA6 conspiracy began and I realized like you said, the community was kind of torn apart. As a result, I don't think we have figured out everything there is to Black Ops. We need to work together to figure out more of the story. Pretty much, we have a bunch of puzzle pieces or bits of information we have figured out, but we haven't put them together to see the full picture.
  2. It used to be like that for me also, but coincidentely since the update, I have not gotten the Scavenger. The V-R11 shows up all the time and the Ray Gun on occasion, but when I was playing, I played from 1-25ish without a Wonder Weapon (I did have Matryshkask) and the Scavenger never appeared.
  3. Hey, I've been trying to get the Shooting On Location achievement (kill 10+ zombies with one Scavenger shot from 100+ft away) and the Scavenger will "not" spawn. In the past two days, I have played 15-20 hours, in multiple games, and have never gotten the Scavenger. I don't know if it was because of the update or what, but my in my last game I put over 100,000 points in the box without the Scavenger coming up once. Has this problem happened for anyone else?
  4. Maybe this is just me, but it seems like in every COD there are only like 2 SMGs that are even worth using, in COD4 I always use the MP5 but people say the AK74u is good, In WAW the Thompson and the MP40 are pretty good, in MW2 the MP5k and the UMP45 are both good, and in BO I think the only one worth using is the AK74u. This is just what I think and I agree that for these guns you always have to have Bandolier or Scavenger to not immediately run out of ammo.
  5. It could have been another person driving and Mason just saw them as Reznov. Anyway, if they make a Black Ops sequal, they will more than likely bring back Reznov and Woods.
  6. I believe it's based on the level Project Nova, where you're Reznov and you first find out what the Nova gas is, so Creepy Crawlers will probably be back
  7. Am I the only one who noticed the fact there wasn't anything in the background to even show it was Ascension?
  8. It could be to advance the storyline, saying that things can come out of the Gersh Device as well as go in. It could be hinting at the possibility of Sam or a new enemy escaping from the dimension of the Gersh Device.
  9. I heard a screech but it sounded more like when a grenade goes off to close to you then the howling. Weird...
  10. I had the same problem when I downloaded it on 360. I was downloading it, but also had a free avatar i got loading and it only loaded like 45% in 3 hours, but as soon as i shut off the avatar it only took like 30 minutes
  11. Because there are no such things as real double barrell shotguns and Treyarch could give one any name they wanted to
  12. Has anyone noticed there's no moon and it's closer to morning if you play Der Reise on Split-Screen? Just wondering
  13. It was already in Campaign on Project Nova I believe (the one where you are Reznov) and I think they where going to put it in the box but decieded not to at the last minute.
  14. One more thing is when you go to the PAP room with the Death Machine, there is like a mini-earthquake
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can do everything except buy Perks and Revive
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