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  1. So Sam and Richtoffen switched bodies now in a way? Sam is in Rich's body and Rich's in Sam's ghostly "zombie controlling" body?Epic.
  2. Not going to lie... the song's pretty bad... :facepalm:
  3. A quick thought that came to my mind over that quote: "It all ends so violently I know" This whole thing has to do with time travel. And we all know from experience that if you mess with time travel, things get weird. People can know the future when they travel back in time. So what if Samantha in this song is from the future talking, saying "I know how things will end"? Basically, is Sam trying to get the gang to help change the future? Also, yes, Ascension has so much to do with this song. -Sam in the clouds -Sam on the walls -The grim reaper blood stains (I consider these pareidolia) Maybe go back and see if there is anything else?
  4. "They need me and I need them" I believe is a reference to the group of 4, except Richtofen. They need Sam's powers to survive the zombies and Sam needs them to stop the Zombies that will be controlled by Richtofen.
  5. My theory is it'll be the guy you just saved in Shangri-La. Time traveling: What once was became no more (Because he died) (But you went back in time and saved him) But shall be again.
  6. CotD song: "I'll control the world 1 person at a time..."
  7. What about Richtofen's father's grave? o.o
  8. The whole seeing fake things makes me think of Ascension when Sam was seen in the clouds and people saw Sam's face in the shadow in the starting room as well as grim reapers and stuff. Also, here is the song backwards for those who want to investigate it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUvfezqzNyQ I'm not sure if it's me or not, but I hear something in it at around the 2:00 mark. I heard something like "Feels so good". I'm either paranoid or this song is just that much more epic. Edit:Around the 3-4 minute mark, I heard "Save me Moses"
  9. Personally, I think Shangri La head some heavy influences from the Temple of Doom movie, especially with the mine cart area. So I hope people stay on the look out for Indiana Jones easter eggs.
  10. I'm going to go off on a limb and say if it's possible, a combination of Shriekers blinding you and then you get suicide bombed by a Napalm will be the most annoying "Zombie".
  11. Yes, I'm certain that water will play a crucial role in the map. Can't help but think of that one Indiana Jones movie haha
  12. I've seen the new trailer and it's definitely helped me develop a theory for the new power up stealing monkies: In almost every single trailer (if not every one) for this new map, the monkies are all seen standing off to the side lines, only running onto the battlefield when a power up is dropped. So this is my theory: -Monkies are NOT a special round -The monkies will just "relax" off on the sidelines of the map, on statues and on the ruins of Shangri-La -The monkies will come down when a power up is dropped -Once picked up, the power up will change until that monkey is killed -If the monkey gets away, you lose the power up Thoughts on this theory?
  13. I've watched the trailer enough times to be able to confirm with 100% certainty that the new wonder weapon is a shrink ray.
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