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  1. So I started last night. Paused and went to sleep. back playing now on level 51. As far as solo goes I pretty much found an endless running loop (I'm sure others have done this) and I feel like I could just play to whatever level I want now. I took a bunch of pics, I don't have a capture card so I have no video but it's %100 legit. When I finally do die or get bored enough to just end it I'll post a final pic and a strat of exactly what I did so anyone who wants can try too.
  2. not sure... he does say something about rootbeer, but there is no double tap on ascension. Maybe it was just a recorded sound before they added in flopper and stam?
  3. %99 sure it was a display glitch. I've experience near the same thing on the landers. I've dolphin dived on to the lander before when it wasn't there (on the pad) and my screen flashed and I appeared off the map for about 2 seconds then was magically standing straight up 5 feet from the lander pad.
  4. Go to youtube and look. There are a lot of videos on exactly how to do it and what programs to use. You're pretty much hacking (whatever term you want to use) the xbox at that point. I'm pretty sure if you ever did get caught though they would ban your live account and I'm not positive of the forum rules on matters like this so I don't wanna say on here... YOUTUBE!
  5. Hello Bud! Welcome to codz. Hope you enjoy your stay :D
  6. personally every person who told me about homefront has said bad things. I hear nothing but good about crysis 2. It's like they took good stuff from halo good stuff from CoD and mixed them then added the nano suit. If you never played it before I believe xbox still has a multi player demo on the dashboard. I personally haven't played homefront but I did play the full game of crysis 2 and was pretty happy with it. If I had the extra money right now I would buy it.
  7. Pretty sure there is a lot more than 4. They prob don't mean anything as far as the egg goes. It's also been suggested. As many other idea most people have if you go to youtube and search you can find videos of people trying this with different flashlights. Sorry :/
  8. yeah buddy next time I'm hittin 40 and killing that damn monkey
  9. ^^^ That a side I think it's a good theory. I have noticed that about the monkeys before (teleporting not dying in gersch) and the rest makes a lot of sense. NICE! [brains]
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D10E2INDpOY a little after 10:18 Clearly launches the lander while still in black and white with all 4 people on it and shooting it. There is no room. If there is it will have to be activated and that will require some other kind of secret. I.E. the very first node is a pressure plate. When the piece gets sucked in with the gresch it gets teleported off the map on to a pressure pad that activates the node 1. Node 1 would never exist otherwise. There is no secret room on the map already there, and that's fact at this point because of no clip. and believe me I'm not trying to bash anyone. I think its awful that there is no more and 90 seconds of DM is a crap reward. I also hope someone proves me wrong, but based off the code that has come out, the no clipping of the maps and the 100,000 youtube videos of people trying things and failing I don't know what else to think. By all means though keep coming up with ideas.... I could always be completely wrong. *edit* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNqjlu5lXGA This is a noclip video too. I was positive for a long long time there was a room here and tried countless things with the easter egg to open these doors.... but the whole map is the same, empty.
  11. yeah sorry to burst your bubble but its prob over. You can actually go on youtube and see countless videos of people doing exactly what you saying, at every lander in the map including by speed cola. yes you move slow but there is not a single spot on the map you can't walk to and still have about 20 seconds with the DM. and as for the batteries just about the same thing... there are MANY of them on the map and there are tons of youtube videos of people shooting them all.
  12. I thank you all again. I feel very welcome here again :D
  13. *judging like crazy* I'm waiting for my 500th post to make it my intro :P
  14. I just like to end people's quotes at a bad time Really though it's not that bad of an idea there has been much worse. It would make for interesting traps and layout of a map (floors getting smaller as you go up) I would be surprised if this came true but who knows, there are definitely some things in the game that could make it tie in... hopefully we find out the answers to our speculation soon.
  15. While I doubt it, because the post was so close to the release of the map pack, it's possible. If that is what happened then you had a great idea Other games have done that in the past, just some companies will give a shout out the the players for the ideas some don't care to go that far. When Left4Dead2 came out more than half the games new features could be found posted almost a year before the game release through out their forums. (This included fan art that looked almost identical to the new characters and monster) And after the game did come out they released a letter saying the game was a group effort and as much support by the community as the developers and so on.
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