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  1. im on my ps3 and the maps wont load they did once but it has to go 1368mins the load plzz help
  2. Well yeah, its a zombie Apocalypse so they wouldn't kill each other, if they did they would die them selves so theres no point. and they did get brain watch in kino and thats when the characters liked each other Edward was the only one who didn't get brain watched because he was the one to brain wash them
  3. Well the gersch devise is named after gersch and in the big easter egg he gets set free and you get 90s death machines but why? i know its off topic but i want you guys to help me find out why death machines i think you have to shoot something with it but its just a guest so if you guys find anything let me know cos im trying to find the whole story in Acsension
  4. I think your right but if sams back then dont you think the 4 heros will have to kill her once and for all also on that sam could turn into a zombie because she died in a teleporter where the zombies were made. i think ricktofen changed clothes and the other are covered in blood cos they probably got attack by zombies but got in a launch pad I really want to find the story so if you guys find anythings els that will be awsome :D
  5. What i found in the story in the start maps is this... in the start a plane crashes delivering something and 4 people get out but one cant move [thats what you see in waw mini video he dies by the zombies] and they manage to escape ndu in the second map they get sent there to help with the testing cos they know about the zombies but when they get there no ones there and someone turns the power off while they in the 2 parts. they fight off the zombies but die at one point I'm guessing that you guys know the story of snn and dr but if you don't you know the start info.
  6. Guys Can you help me i want to know how to become a uk zombie
  7. WOW! My highest round i got to 2 days ago, i got to round 35 on solo on Kino Der Toten and thats really good for me for a solo but i cant w8 for the new map coming out to play online and do a bit of solo after and when it comes out in march [for us ps3 guys] ill be on there, also the map looks hard to play but im still up for it :D
  8. It don't mean I am right but I think Sam and maxis teleported and they both survived and got eaten by zombies but because she trys to get revenge on eddy and controls the zombies to kill him but the power of 4 made it impossible to kill him so she now trys to kill them all. when the 4 teleport away to Kino so sam cant get there yet [i dont know why] but eddy brain washes the other 3 so they forget about the whole Der Riese thing [brains] Sam gets to Kino and starts to relese the zombies and another kind of zombie that was not long made in the time that they were in [i dont know what happens next ,that will happen in map pack 1 but what I think is one of the characters dies in Kino] :twisted: :twisted:
  9. I really think the map should be a ship so when you turn the power on it crashes to shore so u can goto land bot I think a good weapon would be a gun called something like snumbblast115 like a sniper but fires rockets the suck zombies in the bang [brains] also alot of people think their getting rid of a character but I dont know really because in kino where the photos of the team are on the wall theres a blank one and another on the floor so I think its maxis and sam [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains]

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