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  1. Wow man.... you were right about everything...... thats amazing good job.
  2. Phillip lemme put it this way for you... THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN MOD THE GAME TO HAVE A WEAPON THATS NOT GONNA BE ALLOWED IN THE MAP. If the coding is not in the map then it is not gonna be accesible. So yea bro even if he modded it he has shown us something that will help us, You are just trying to look cool o i play legit im super awesome.... Its a game bro.
  3. Im guessing because of the timelines of these guns no?
  4. Yea i know that. Im just saying maybe i am trying to think its not a snow map because that could be smoke j/s
  5. This is a hunch but maybe those are the next steps to the easter egg that may be on that map... Thinking ahead of myself but think about it when the map comes out follow those steps.
  6. If its called Survive then maybe this will be the official map name überleben Thats Survive in german... Reason being is because all maps have been in german such as Der Reise, Kino, Nacht, ETC. So yea. Thoughts on this?
  7. Congratulations on getting that affiliate program. I might actually buy some when i get some extra cash flowing. Also wanna affiliate with DeathServers? Free minecraft server ETC.
  8. Easter egg is over.... Treyarch wouldn't go through that much trouble to encode it in different files.... Also if they did then in the Zombie file somewhere there would be a check to either precache or execute that function when playing zombies.... Its over get over it. Theres nothing beyond code.. Code makes the game if its not coded its not in the game.
  9. SiN


    Lol i posted this full code here a while back but its lost now so meh.
  10. it has updated and it looks more like either Mind control or there giving them a GAS.
  11. ... Why dont you just give up its done......... THE SUCCESS IS WHEN YOU FINISH it which we all have the fail is when you just throw the black hole and shoot with thunder gun... PLease just give up.
  12. This is obviously hand written... its taken from the Patch.ff file.....
  13. WHERES MY BRAINS thats my link and i gave it in the hitsam thing by teli, please give credit please...
  14. Well this may help so take this... http://pastebin.com/4aYcVXaC Well im guessing if there is more to this easter egg atm.. this is the line of code you want to look at. #include animscripts\zombie_utility; #include common_scripts\utility; #include maps\_utility; #include maps\_zombiemode_utility; #include maps\_ambientpackage; #include maps\_music; #include maps\_busing; #include maps\_zombiemode_audio; If there is anything else it is in those scripts.... just saying.
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