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  1. Hate to burst your bubble but its not the heroes its film crew, look at achievements
  2. Yeah happened when I tried lander glitch, just like above, thats all it is
  3. A friend just told me about this site www.findmakarov.com personally i think its another henry langham situation, im gonna need your opinions to if this is a mw3 official site or not
  4. Richtofen is on one of the pictures, theres 5, my guess is ludwig maxis
  5. You retards saying its irevlivent are stupid. It's clearly relivent as he is contributing to unvealing the story line. Are you actually that thick? This is what he thinks Richtofen was doing in a space suit.
  6. Personally I think its a to be continued onto the next map pack, theres alot of gamers and they had found out this easter egg pretty fast so not finding another step only suggests its to be on mp2. Also, a theory of the story line. You know how on the computer rlogin you see a txt file that says Richtofen was experimenting on the 3 characters? Maybe sam is just imagination in their mind (the voices) like Reznov was in Mason's.
  7. When you answer the red phones on ascension when they ring you can hear the characters/presidents from FIVE. Maybe Treyarch are going to throw them into the storyline too so that theres back story instead of just with the 4 main characters. Or it could just be for teh lulz. Only time can tell when more is released
  8. So we know for a fact that Richtofen made the Wunderwaffe and Dr Porter made the Ray gun, as it says on the computer behind Mason, in one of the dialogues Porter was trying to upgrade the weapon, which he has now when u pack-a-punch the ray gun it becomes Porter's X2 Ray Gun. So my theory is that maybe, maybe, another doctor made the phd flopper perk. Its just a suggestion to who another character in the story line is. This may have been poster and may not, im just trying to contribute towards to community and have not seen this before.
  9. W H I T L 0 C K thats a zero, add me, on pretty much all the time, except between 5pm-11pm today as I am going to a football match
  10. It does kill them actually, you get points for killing, try throwing one at about 20 zombies, it kills them
  11. The best way to go about this is doing what he says WITH video evidence to prove and confirm it
  12. Do you need anybody to play with you whilst making the video? I have some of my own strategies you may want to use :)
  13. Would you be a dear and pm me the link? ME too, I have nothing against this site I just am intrested in gknova0
  14. anyone want to update me on where i can follow the latest on gknova0 there was a thread with 200+ pages where has it gone?
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