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  1. let's see that vid! i'm trying to see the foghorns part especially.
  2. Submarine yes. Green light no. You're doing the horns wrong then. Yeah except the reason i spelled "definitely" in caps is that we're doing them in the order posted by everyone. so telling me im "doing them wrong" isn't that helpful. what am i doing wrong. should we wait til each horn has finished making its noise to hit the next one, or should it be in quick succession?
  3. If the submarine & green light have appeared, then yes you have done the foghorns correctly Submarine yes. Green light no.
  4. OK we are DEFINITELY hitting the foghorns in the right order, but it's not working. The submarine keeps appearing once per round. and everytime we do the foghorns in the order that everyone, Spanish-speaking or otherwise, has told us. Please advise.
  5. Am I blind are was this weapon type removed from Call of the Dead? And if it's been removed... That pretty much makes the ballistic knife a really expensive Quick Revive instead of the killing machine it was meant to be
  6. Looking for two players with whom to ascend from darkness. you must have a microphone and be both functionally literate and able to play right now.
  7. nahh see i'm still convinced that there's more to it that we haven't found yet. it's too much work for just a minute and a half death machine.
  8. well i never wanted to play 1v2 in the first place (i mean did you even read the thread title after all this time?). so that's not even my challenge, it's yours, and we decline.
  9. we absolutely accept your challenge. you need to set a time however, as we're playing right now, and are on the Eastern Time Zone. set a time and we'll work it out.
  10. Again, here we go again with more people trying to call US trolls (just a term for "babies who call everyone idiots") whilst simultaneously trying to instigate more shit by butting in. the problem is that people assumed we were trolling when really we were just being competitive (because you're all too socially immature to engage in competitive play would be my assumption; but i will admit that to only be an assumption). If y'all had just been like "idk i may be interested but i'd want more details cause it's still unclear" or "nahh that's not for me i'd rather just do pistols only, shotguns only, etc" (which someone did kinda try and do, but only in between more ignorant, sarcastic vitriol. I'm glad that your interest in this game mode has been piqued by this thread, and i'm glad that you will seek different people to play with, because you simply don't sound like a very fun person to talk to. *sigh* let me try and explain this, one. more. time. what i ALREADY told AC Frog, and will now explain to you, in as many small words as possible, is that only an idiot would suggest playing a game of zombies and stopping it after round one, something that everyone who questioned my usage of the word "round" in the first post suggested by their very act of questioning said usage. so... yeah... no slacking.
  11. no it's NOT one round. that's what we're saying. i'm offended by the stupidity of every person who thought that anyone would suggest playing one 45-second round of zombies (in which only 7 or 8 zombies even show up to begin with). obviously we play a whole game. survival is key in this challenge-mode, but obviously the point is to be good enough to survive AND jack enough kills to keep your points high. but anyway, wow... i'm dumbfounded by your density, and everyone else's of those who replied in kind. and AC Frog, i'm sorry that no one on here is man enough to withstand a little competitive trash-talk. that's not hostility. hostility involves obscenities and ignorant machismo threats of genuine violence. so again, i apologize that everyone on this forum is a spineless nerd who, again, can't withstand a little competitive trash-talk. but, as per your suggestion, we will go forth and beat round 40, in due time.
  12. no, we don't have any clearly devised plan other than to play zombies the way we always play zombies (that is, like the gods we are). Furthermore, and i thought this was something that anyone capable of basic arithmetic would be able to surmise, anyone who at the end of a round claims that the other team "got lucky" with box runs or "got lucky" with having the best flow of zombies, etc. etc. was, bottom line, merely incapable of imposing their will on the game. if someone's as good as they claim to be, then they should be able to adapt to bad luck and just plain beast-mode. but i digress. nobody's interested and that's fine. if people hadn't come in right off the bat hating on the concept without even understanding it, nobody would have perceived any hostility from anybody. lookin to get to around 35 or so tonight, possibly in the 40s tomorrow. anybody looking to play a regular round with two of the best people to play zombies with can message ClintSmeastwood or RZArazorSHARP20 on X-Box Live.
  13. you wish i was 12, you limey pedophile. i mean it's actually a supreme measure of skill to be able to see who can jack the most kills while still playing conservatively enough to survive. who can overcome bad box runs to still come out with the high score? who knows the difference between getting lots of kills and getting lots of points? who's the best all-around zombie player. but anyway, go back to your wallace and gromit marathon, you frogs.
  14. dude... 2v2 means 2 vs 2, which means 2 versus 2, which means two against two, which means two-on-two... you and a partner of your choice against myself and RZArazorSHARP20... the four of us play a round on Ascension and the pair with the highest score at the end wins... idk what the fuck is so confusing about that. it seemed pretty self-explanatory to any person that's instructionally-literate in American English...
  15. just thought it would be cool to have a place to post anything fun/interesting that occurs during our adventures through this new masterpiece of zombie-cartography. Here is a short clip of myself and RZArazorSHARP20 launching the rocket; I'm standing just outside the big door to the launchpad/Pack-a-Punch. Sorry for the SD, but i don't have the stuff necessary to take HD vids of x-box gameplay. But seriously if you can't see it then you're blind, dumb, or both. SIbdqs5lBw0
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