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  1. Hey Norbert84, Just to let you knowthat this was found out a while ago shortly after the release of the map pack on the 360 (from memory). In saying that, it is old news, however I'm not going to persecute you, so don't stress! To my knowledge, you can only buy 4 perks in any combination, leaving the 5th perk that you don't purchase unattainable from the perk-a-cola machine. However, like you and your friends found out, you can still receive that perk through the power-up item that is dropped after successfully defending the Perk-a-cola machines during a monkey round on Ascension. Here's video proof as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tKOGkNkkA4 Anyways, I hope this helped Mallen
  2. Excellent dude! [brains] I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to your thread on my thread as a reference point for our cause. I started the thread Operation Ω, and the very first theory I posted with the thread was based around the idea of Sacrifice, or what I called Step Ω. If you have not checked it out, here is a link: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=6464&p=66277#p66277 With the information that you have brought to us (the community and the people who are following Operation Ω), it somewhat confirms the Ω theory that was brought about in my thread. Now the only thing to do is to try it out and see how we go! I'll keep you up to date with what we have found and I thankyou kindly for your breakthrough. And don't worry, I did quote and reference you in my own thread! Mallen (Ω)
  3. Okay guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while, but here we go! Prepare to read a wall of text! [brains] For you both! Excellent thinking. However, I have found a thread from Johnny Reklaw (awesome find by the way dude!) in which NGT have linked the steps up already. So if you guys haven't already watched it, I suggest you head over to Johnny Reklaws thread and check it out! http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=7095 Now, there is one thing however that I don't agree with completely, and that is the lack of our step, Ω. But, with a breakthrough in the coding by wonderboy_3856, it seems our theoretical step may become fully pledged. If you haven't already done so, please please please, check out this thread before you continue: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7079 Within this thread (close to the end), this is mentioned: Now there is more to it than this (obvious when the whole thread is read), but it appears highly likely that Step Ω is key. So what can we do to progress further into this easter egg? Well test the theory out of course! As of now, Operation Ω Objective is to determine whether Step Ω, Sacrifice, is the next step, in correlation with wonderboy_3856s theory. So try out what wonderboy_3856 has suggested, and lets solve this thing! Mallen (Ω) Ps, don't forget to post back with results guys and gals!
  4. Your post made me think of something. Maybe sacrifice means letting the monkeys take all your perks, then go get the extended death machine to help you survive the next round. That could unlock something. Just a thought uhh. hmmmm, that sounds highly likely... I have heard rumours that straight after the 90 seconds of death machines, it's a monkey round (every time). Can anyone confirm that? Because if it is true, it wouldn't be there for no reason and it would work with your theory
  5. *EDIT* Hey guys, just notifying you that the topic/thread has been renamed: Operation Ω - Solving the Mystery Man Egg. (originally: Step Ω: The next step to the Mystery Man Egg?) I think it's fitting seeing as Ω = end, and I for one want to find the end to this easter egg! Have a good one! Mallen. Okay, seeing as the video is classed as fake, we can't use Takeo's date of death stated on the document in the video (unless anyone else has proof of it?). Which makes determining the date that ascension takes place somewhat redundant seeing as we were trying to match the date to Takeo's date of death. NARROWING THE PATHS Before I previously mentioned a theory that the steps taken for the Mystery Man easter egg were related to the steps featured in the campaign. 1. Secure the keys. 2. Ascend from darkness. 3. Rain fire. 4. Unleash the horde. 5. Skewer the winged beast. 6. Wield a fist of iron. 7. Raise Hell. 8. Freedom. Ω. Sacrifice. (added in through the theory above) I also stated that the steps may be out of order or they may not be (like a checklist). If potentially that they are out of order, and there is more than 1 step left, whether that be the theoretical step Ω or any of the other steps, there could be the possibility that the next step isn't actually the theoretical Ω: Sacrifice step, but one of the original 8. A way of determining this is by establishing the connections between the steps taken for the easter egg and the steps from the campaign. So as an example: 6. Wield a fist of iron = the 90 seconds of DM By doing this we can narrow down the potential steps that are left, and determine which is the next step to take. If someone would be so kind as to post the exact steps for the easter egg as a reply to this, it would be greatly appreciated as it would make it easier to make the connections to be made (A brain to the first person that does so). As well as that, if anyone has an idea on which steps may be connected, put it in a post below. Because we are trying to be as accurate as possible with this, you will need to give some form of validation of the connection (eg: During the campaign, step 6. Wield a fist of iron was when Mason acquired the Death Machine from the main armory to help the prisoners escape. The connection between this step and the step from the easter egg is that a DM was acquired in both cases). So lets see what steps we can't find connects for and we'll go from there! We're doing a great job guys and gals, lets keep the pace up and solve this! I look forward to reading your posts on the ideas that you all have! Mallen
  6. Those videos are made by the same guys that made the "GKNOVA0/henry langham" story. So sadly, they are just fan made. =/ Do you know if they were working in collaboration with Treyarch on this at least? Or are we back to square one on this theory? :/
  7. I'm unfamiliar with them, would you kindly fill me in on them and provide proof to your claim?
  8. Thankyou and to answer your question I am not too sure, if we could get someone to record one exploding in HD and then slow it down to observe I'm sure it would be possible. Just a matter of doing so.
  9. Nice find! [brains] From what I saw, the date that Takeo's death was 12/08/76 (correct me if I'm wrong). So now all we have to do is track down the date that Ascension takes place. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do so? As a test (just to pass time on this), if someone is going to try this method, try and get Takeo downed by the zombie you left from the round, and let him bleed out (try killing the zombie before Takeo bleeds out as well, that way you have Death Machines for the start of the next round, seeing as it will be 3 people holding off against zombies that would usually be up against 4 players, it will work as an advantage). Also, to anyone else that has seen the video, did you notice anything else in the 3 videos that may be key to this easter egg?
  10. Awesome! If you do find those videos, be sure to post them here to keep people updated. From the sounds of it, it is quite possible, the only problem is do we have a date for when Ascension takes place (or at least a rough estimation)? That way if it is Takeo that dies (Ω), we can at least check the dates to somewhat confirm it in the story line and then test it in a game of zombies.
  11. From what I have seen from others on the forums, this method doesn't actually work. If you can provide a video, or even pictures as proof I will reconsider my statement.
  12. There are a few possibilities here, firstly that being downed didn't do anything and this theory has been debunked already, or secondly that it did do something but the effect of it was overlooked, or thirdly the character that was downed was the wrong character (might be specific in who gets downed) and that another character or characters need to be downed. Without actually trying this theory instead of stumbling across sections of it accidentally, it would be hard to eliminate the possibility of it being the next step as there are several different combinations that can be used. Ie you may have to have 3 players get downed, and have the fourth revive them all or have 2 get downed and have the other 2 revive them. I was thinking that if that is the case, then it would most likely be Richtofen (seeing as he is in the space suit) or Nikolai seeing as we're at a Russian launch site as they are the characters that differ the most, or are at a place that is somewhat home to them. Do you remember which character was downed at the time?
  13. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Operation Ω __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *WARNING, THIS TOPIC DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS RELATING TO THE BLACK OPS CAMPAIGN* __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *EDIT* 11th Feb 2011 Hey guys, just notifying you that the topic/thread has been renamed: Operation Ω - Solving the Mystery Man Egg. (originally: Step Ω: The next step to the Mystery Man Egg?) (I think it's fitting seeing as Ω = end, and I for one want to find the end to this easter egg!) Have a good one! Mallen. *EDIT* 23rd Feb 2011 Hey guys, major breakthrough! Check out my most recent post for details: Page 2, Post 46 (you will know which one it is once you get to it ). There are two major threads/links that I want everyone to read and go watch as it is essential. I'll try and keep this thread updated as much as possible, however with University starting up in the next week, it may only be once or twice a week, but I will make an effort to! Also, the thread name has been changed again! Operation Ω - "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice". Take care, Mallen __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE THREAD TO SEE HOW THINGS HAVE DEVELOPED FROM THE ORIGINAL POST AND SO THAT YOU ARE UP TO DATE! THANKYOU __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ORIGINAL THEORY/POST Hey guys/gals, I decided to make an account after reading the many theories on this website about the possible completion of the latest Ascension Easter Egg dubbed "Mystery Man", so I can make my own contributions to the effort in potentially solving this easter egg. Before I start, for the people that don't know, Ω = omega Anyway, I have seen a theory about relating the steps taken within the easter egg (as well as general steps taken within a game of Zombies) to the steps contained within the Campaign mission Vorkuta. These steps are as follows: 1. Secure the keys. 2. Ascend from darkness. 3. Rain fire. 4. Unleash the horde. 5. Skewer the winged beast. 6. Wield a fist of iron. 7. Raise Hell. 8. Freedom. (NB: not all steps for the easter egg have been linked back to these steps, at least from what I have seen) Now think of this, in the mission Vorkuta (which contains the above steps for the first time), at the end of the mission Mason achieves step 8, whereas our comrade Reznov, does not. "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice..." - Reznov. What I propose, is that there is a step missing from the original 8. It is not necessarily Step 9, however an overall sub step contained throughout the original 8. I'm going to call it Step Ω: Sacrifice (so it isn't unnamed). If you apply this to the original steps above, and the theory that the steps are related to the easter egg it becomes clear that at some stage a possible sacrifice may be needed in the continuation of this easter egg. So overall, the theory being proposed here is: The steps contained within the Black Ops campaign are related to the steps taken for the Mystery Man easter egg. However, they are possibly not in the correct order and there is a step/sub-step missing from the original 8, Step Ω: Sacrifice. The theorized steps are as follows: 1. Secure the keys. 2. Ascend from darkness. 3. Rain fire. 4. Unleash the horde. 5. Skewer the winged beast. 6. Wield a fist of iron. 7. Raise Hell. 8. Freedom. Ω. Sacrifice. (NB: may not be used in that order, think of it as a checklist more than a set of sequential steps) Now, if Ω is the next step to be completed/ticked off, what needs to be done to do so? It could be one of a few things and the existence of the downed zombie players have left to do this easter egg may be the key to this. Perhaps in order to complete Ω, a number of players (1-4) needs to be downed by the zombie all at once (so one gets downed, then another etc) or one at a time (so one gets downed, then picked up, then another player is downed etc). The reasons why I propose this are: - It fits the description of Sacrifice (like how having the Death Machine fits the description of Wield a fist of iron, following the theory that the steps are related) - I haven't seen anyone get downed during the 90 seconds of having the Death Machine - I recall a glitch on Five that when a player was downed with the Death Machine and then revived, it lasted for an unlimited amount of time (highly unlikely that this were to happen in doing so) - I want to contribute something, even if it does get debunked, we've eliminated a possibility. So if a group of people are keen to try something new, Ω: Sacrifice may be something to try. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CURRENT Ω OBJECTIVE: DETERMINING WHETHER STEP Ω, SACRIFICE, IS THE NEXT STEP, IN CORRELATION WITH wonderboy_3856s THEORY. - What to test: During the section of the easter egg in which you shoot/throw the weapons into the Gersch Device, have the person with the PaP Thundergun go as close as they can to the Gersch, and ADS and shoot and see whether they goes down. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ω OPERATIVES This section is for anyone that is looking for players to test Ω theories with or just to play games of zombies. These players are frequently on, so send them a message (or friend request) saying: "Seeking Omega Operative" and see if you can get a team together. - iG_x_Monster - Console/PC: Xbox 360 - Gamertag/PSN ID: "W H I T L 0 C K" - Country: UK NB: If you would like to be an Omega Operative, leave a reply below stating: "Requisition: Omega Operative" along with the appropriate details (same format as above). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ω
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