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  1. Thanks to Telixion. As we finish that Easter Egg and unlock the Stand In achievement...guess what we receive? UR3AwF9J-iI
  2. Alright, lemme break down the stuff here... Call of The Dead, sure we are excited, but after Kino der Toten, Der Riese, Ascension....you bring me that name? Call of The Dead....anyways. GKNOVA6 will be updated soon, I predict. We gotta get our eyes peeled. And find out what we can. Let the Theory Madness begin! (I know we are on April but...w/e)
  3. It happened to me..... Right after I dominated the whole empire of the pleanet Mars. And then later, I had sex with Jessica Alba.
  4. I'm calling this true. Here's my point, this Easter Egg gotta be so precise that we don't have the right to commit any mistake. I still think we don't know exactly what to do now. Or it's over already and the Death Machines were really just a gift for giving the dude freedom.
  5. The main thing on the video we need to look over: they shot the door, and it seems the yellow points went up just as said before.
  6. Alright, this topic was in another forum I was in and this is a very cool idea. Every member say 1 rule per post for Zombie Surivival Guide and so it goes on and on and on....let's see how it turns out. It's not just Zombies from CoD, just imagine the world infected by Zombies, what would ya do? I'll start. #1 - Aim for teh head.
  7. "Vodka for everybody" FTW "Only men and wife should be so close" "You're dead now.....but you were dead before! Ah fuck you!" "C'mon Treyarch give us a new objective"
  8. It's the Illuminati symbol. It shows up on FIVE also
  9. Wait.....I think I know what he talking about.... When the lander is about the land or takeoff throw a Gersch Device on it???
  10. Well....it is possible. However I agree there's not much sense on that. I think Area 51 fits better then moon
  11. It is an easter egg in which you need to energize a device for the scientist to escape from Ascension and likely from Samantha.
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