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    Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    The main thing on the video we need to look over: they shot the door, and it seems the yellow points went up just as said before.
  2. Zombie_Creeper

    Theory: Ascension intro+Generator easter egg connected

    It is an easter egg in which you need to energize a device for the scientist to escape from Ascension and likely from Samantha.
  3. Zombie_Creeper

    Theory: Ascension intro+Generator easter egg connected

    [brains] Giving me some Brains would be awesome then
  4. Alright so we all know how the so called generator easter egg or mystery man easter egg ended. We all gave the guy enough power for him to escape on a ball of light to the sky. So after one of the members pointed out that this could have something to do with the intro I really think he's right. First of all, the guy obviously tried to kill Sam and failed. My theory on her is that she's an experiment and got damm powerful when Maxis tried to save her from Fluffy. But on the intro, the comics you see this scientist: First comic he is working, second one shows a blueprint with 4 rockets and what seems to be a kinda of satelite or spaceship on the bottom right corner. It's literally a ball. Third comic shows what seems to be a prision. In other words, he's locked. Then on the last comic there's this light on him, which seems to be in movement, since the G force is making is body go that way. That is likely his escape from the Cosmodrome and maybe from Sam. When we finish the generator easter egg and get the Death Machines the guy say something like "I'm free! I cannot thank you enough" Thoughts?
  5. Zombie_Creeper

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    Alright, so he is a son a b*tch. The guy made us power up so he could escape, probably Sam was coming to kill him for trying to kill her.
  6. Zombie_Creeper

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    Easy the best and biggest Easter Egg so far. So yeah, it seems you REALLY need to shoot the light with those 4 weapons. My question: Someone got a video of this so called "Cut-scene" and you obtaining the Death Machine? Also......is it just me or Moon seems to be the safe exit? I highly recomend you guys check out the WTG video, kinda helps
  7. Zombie_Creeper

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    It seems like this will confirm my theory on Sam, "Samantha is angry" is written on the code. I really think she is either the "real goal of 935" or full of powers or both. It wouldn't make sense Maxis bring familiy to Der Riese. She is an experiment, when she was thrown on the teleporter it all got bigger. She likely wants revenge....on Richtofen probably. Perhaps Maxis died and she lives with this anger on her heart? Anyone agree?
  8. Zombie_Creeper

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    I think, that when you finish this major easter egg it'll allow you to get to this teleporter and other places, maybe through Lunar Landers
  9. Zombie_Creeper

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    Well....I think that when you get everything done you'll be able to open the doors around the map or use the Landers to go somewhere else...I still think Samantha is frigging powerful now and she is coming to get Richtofen for revenge.
  10. Zombie_Creeper

    Is the DG-2 in there?

    Well....so no confirmation yet, if someone can confirm....post it o.O
  11. Zombie_Creeper

    Is the DG-2 in there?

    I can't play Ascension yet 'cause PS3 player but if any of you can tell me...is the Wunderwaffe on Ascension?
  12. Zombie_Creeper


    Can't wait to play this one......I'm dying to have it on Feb. 1st but..PS3 :S Alright. Stamin-Up is yellow like a Lightweight or Marathon, probably allows you to run faster/unlimited. PhD Flopper is purple, perhaps it avoid you to get your perks gone when downed? Or avoid the monkeys to steal it?
  13. Zombie_Creeper


    This can be true, but really, as said it could be from anygame. Show us a pic with you standing with the M1911 in front of the M14 or something. I don't buy this, sorry.
  14. Zombie_Creeper

    Ascension MUST take place in the United States.

    Yeah, I've talked about that once. Ascencion island in owned by the UK. English language. Then I would think it'll take place there, it could be in the US, but where? Area 51?
  15. Zombie_Creeper

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    27 solo, last 3 tries (For real, not for fun) were all 26 --' 4-player was 24

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