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  1. I just hate playing solo I have been playing with some guy on the PS3 who I found of this website. Which he has been trying to help me with the Co-Op Easter egg. If any one wants to play COTD PROPERLY Send me a friend invite on PSN saying ZOMBIES :D
  2. if you have listened to the radios in ascension you would know have a look for some videos on all the radios in ascension you will find out gd find BTW
  3. This does work on World At War and it was found ages ago
  4. Like always i am looking at loads of videos of Richtofen because he is my favorite character. On this video 7gdPLQ9u1Qg It says These clips are everything Richtofen will say in the Call of Duty zombie map Ascension. When you click this video skip to 7:05 and you can hear him say root beer
  5. how tho there hasn't been a patch to update?
  6. wow i don't wanna play ascension now after reading this just in case it does happen i will scream like a little girl :L
  7. So i was about to do the loner lander glitch by the PHD Flopper just after the monkey round ended. so i started to go up next thing that happen was sam laughed and i was falling to death slowly
  8. Im just saying now that Dead Ops Arcade (DOA) does not have the main characters like Tank Dempsey And Takeo. But in DOA It shows that it is going to be based there but there no radios Its Got The CCCP i think its CCCP on the wall of Ascension By The PHD Flopper and its got CCCP on the rocket on DOA even on the little picture thing when you click to play on it on solo private match and find game :-)
  9. I Think this has already been said but i have been searchig all over youtube and i checked forums about after when you get the death machines with the mystery guy on Ascension do any of you guys know?...........can you do the easter egg on solo is well?
  10. Doubt you would be able to kill sam because that would be the end of zombies :/
  11. What I think is going to happen is that there is more easter eggs but not about this mystery guy.......They would most prob hear more about this guy in the next map they make that is if they make a new one....I Don't think you can do anything to do with the death machines just kill zombies........but have anyone tried going up on the lunar lander with the death machines?
  12. I was just wondering has "FIVE" Got anything to do with the whole story behind zombies.....i know a lot about Der riese, shi no numa & Im getting along with Kino Der Totten.......I Haven't got Ascension Because I have PS3 and it's not out in till the 3rd of march bummer and take it easy on me this is my first post

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