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  1. Elephants...Egypt ...Cairo ... makes a hell of a lot more sense than an elephant in area 51. Personally think they're planning on doing both maps.
  2. I was just thinking earlier it would be great to have a partner that also likes to play after a few bowls. I'll add you when i get on, my GT's Avada Kedabra
  3. Hate to burst your bubble but it IS the team, did you even try the Easter egg? Ill be home from work soon to get back to hunting :)
  4. Its actually a fuse, looks like a cylinder battery. You have to interact with the door of the room which holds the original 4. Try knifing it a few times, also, any time I have lifted it it has been near the start of a round.
  5. 3arc are obviously trying to go back to the early [email protected] maps in which it was almost impossible to camp. By using George and the fact zombies can spawn from so many places and not just windows, they make the game faster paced and more engaging. Im loving it.
  6. I'll have a go now. Having the four original characters help you would be a nice touch to the game.
  7. So there's an item on one of the tables you can pick up. In the room directly above where our 4 heroes seem to be trapped, there is a desk with a light switch on over it. On the right hand side there's what looks like a torch or a battery with glowing red lights which you can pick up. [brains] Im playing as Michael Rooker and he said "Got it!" when I picked it up... i'll have a look for more and keep you updated. Has anyone seen this, had a quick look at posts but seen nothing.. EDIT: Place the fuse in the panel beside the door holding the original four, it'd the second step.
  8. 15 thousand people playing, 20 minutes to find a game on Ascension ...
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