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  1. Im looking forward to Black ops so much and not for one Second do i think Treyarch will let us down. They may love drip feeding us tiny bits of information to get us hyped up and its working!!! I would love a Zombies trailer you never know we might all get a Haloween treat! 12 days to go!!!!
  2. Hi guys just wondering Which side people prefer to open up first, The Trench Gun Route or the Thompson Route. I prefer to use the Trench gun Route firstly because i Love to kill the Hell Hounds with my Trench gun and i like to get my Bettys early on. ive asked people online why they prefer the thompson way but have never gotten any real answers. :mrgreen:
  3. That Raging Guy was hilarious, I thought i raged when playing MW2 roll onBlack ops!
  4. Ive got my fingers crossed that My pre ordered Hardened edition will arrive the day before other wise on release day i will be sitting by my front door waiting for the post man! And if it still doesnt arrive i will Cry! :twisted:
  5. Hi guys, My names Chimpanste im 30 and love Call of Duty, especially Zombies! I work a fair bit so like to Kill Flesh bags to relax. I play on PS3 and cannot wait for black ops! Ive pre ordered the Hardened editionand have already taken the day off work I look forward to making a contribution on this forum and dont worry i will use the search bar Cheers
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