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  1. Let me rephrase this: I think the name 'Five' derives from Der Reise. Why, you ask? Because when Doctor Maxis and Richtofen try and teleport the zombies during their experiments, Test number 5 did not teleport to the mainframe as expected, Where did he go? Maybe to the Pentagon, (there is a connection between Group 935 in Germany and from the Five map.....?) But test subject #5 may have broken loose. Henceforth the map's name of "Five"
  2. Curtain call.... Anything to do with ....celebrities?....
  3. Read my first post then read ^ that one
  4. "I are dissapoint" was done on purpose, Like: "Son, i am dissapoint."
  5. Not entirely sure if this is true, i might be just missing it. But whenever i run up to the door with the 4 main characters, i only infact hear 3; Dempsey Nikolai Richtofen So where is Takeo...?
  6. So in the lighthouse on each floor there is a dial numbered 0-9 They spin but currently have no apparant use. Maybe they're apart of something bigger? Also, has anyone figured out the use for the throttle levers and steering wheel in the power room? Top floor - yellow 3rd floor - orange 2nd floor - blue Bottom floor - purple Anyone know what these are used for? Incidently when you turn them, they make a humming noise, as if it's a level of power or something...
  7. I sincerely hope to god you iz trollin' You are the epitome of the word 'political correctness' >He says rectalfan >Means Treyarch hate gays Just no. It's a humurous insult about Richtofen being an anus. Nothing more. Stop being so butthurt. Oh wait, now i must hate gays too
  8. Could be a second coming of anything or anyone
  9. Fresh ideas, for once. Instead of "OMFG guys! Srsly, run 115 metres with death machines, shoot the moon, do a 360, blow up the rocket and a door opens with a million bajaillion guns in it!!!!!! Srsly" I have heard the whole 'Security Protocols' going offline and online at times, i just assumed it was a meaningless sound, just telling us there's been a breach of security.... Can we get a clear-up on this? What do we do When do we do it Where it's done How many with With what ---- Results
  10. You're not supposed to see it, ergo it is nothing, just a white texture instead being able to see out of the bottom of the map
  11. Haven't properly looked at them, anyone wanna see if Morse Code plays a part here?
  12. "Normally the voices sound so ANGRY!" Is a quote at the beginning of the level, it's unavoidable, it's not that. Once though half way through a game i had Richtofen say something like "Those damned voices!" But i didn't hear any kind of whispers or anything. I call BS unless anyone wants to prove me wrong
  13. I saw this a while back but never bothered to make a thread about it, i thought it had been mentioned previously, looks to me like a gigantic paw print....
  14. I had my volume on low and i still heard it. In any case sorry to burst your bubble but it's just a background noise, it's more of a whistle than a howl, i've heard it countless times, nice try though
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