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  1. Well, I'll put it like this. Pix or it didn't happen. Also, we've been finding proof that there would be an area 51 map since Der Riese, so it wouldn't be a huge shocker :3. Also, hello everyone! Its been a while.
  2. Well, the person from inside xbox DID say there was more then one way to deal with him.... Maybe you are on to something Have some brains :3 [brains]
  3. As many of you know (I hope ) I left the site for about a month or two to enter in a little tournament. So now I am back, and I also wanted an excuse to use this: PS I am so sorry phillip, I ended up using earthquake to K.O my last opponent. Its good to be back.
  4. I think it might be more left for dead style. However, I wouldnt like that one bit, for the main reason that it is unoriginal.
  5. Lol I would love to play with you sometime carbon, I will add you as soon as I can if its alright with you.
  6. SWEET JUSTICE!! WE FINALLY PROVED IT! ... Actually though, nobody ever told me it was fake :3
  7. Lol nice post xD ...Kinda creepy though 0_0
  8. :D Hi again everyone! I have some explaining to do, as I came back a lot faster than I thought. Today, I was doing my homework, and the number 115 and 935 came up about 30 times, so I thought it was a sign that I should come back. :)
  9. Lol Ill keep it in mind. See you all later. P.S it might only be three weeks or so, not sure yet :/ Scheduling thingies
  10. Well, im kinda leaving the site for a while for various reasons (Mainly because I was invited to the pokemon tcg provincial champs xD), so I thought I would let you know. I will be back before the next map pack comes out. Will anyone miss me? Nah, probably not :P
  11. BUMP Btw is it just me or did my challenged accepted pic get replaced with a hitler meme?
  12. I looked up the date that was written on the wall, the only thing I could find was some random documentary saying how on that day, some gestapo were using jews for target practice :/ nothing really relevant to the storyline. I will keep looking, if I find anything I will edit my post.
  13. LOL. Great work man! Ok, if you have an idea for a codz meme, PLEASE post it here! (I got an idea for another one, it will be up in couple of hours)
  14. I was bored on a four hour car trip, so I thought about this: What if we took regular internet memes and changed them to go with the codz mood? I thought it would be fun to make a few, so I will post the two I made here the other will be up soon feedback? Lol EDIT: heres the second photo:
  15. I agree with Jake, I don't see how downing yourself could get you more power ups
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