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    The Timeline of Zombies

    This legitimately brings a tear to my eye. I've been on this forum since the WaW days, and to see the full timeline is just so incredible. I can't wait to read the PDF and see how close we were, what we got right, what we got wrong, etc.
  2. thezombiekiller


    SWEET JUSTICE!! WE FINALLY PROVED IT! ... Actually though, nobody ever told me it was fake :3
  3. thezombiekiller

    Richtoffen is Sam's Dad?!

    I dont think she ever said her surname, but she DOES, however, call Dr. Maxis father in one of the radios on der riese
  4. thezombiekiller

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    I got to 27 with mrroflwaffles and freakyboy
  5. thezombiekiller

    Black_Hole> level.black.HOLD.bomb code found

    So... Jump into a black hole while holding one in your hands? I could try that :P
  6. thezombiekiller

    Obvious Ascension Hints that We Didnt Notice

    The last one you said has nothing to do with zombies, it has something to do with the numbers. However, you may or may not be on to something with the first two.

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