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  1. It will be released at 5:00am at EST time. For anyone who doesnt know. 8-)
  2. That would suk: getin hit in the balls then it exploding is just mean :lol:
  3. So i heard about the new map pack thats coming out on february 1st i think. And they said that its gonna cost 1200 POINTS! I kinda think thats rediculas for the reason that all the other ones costed 800 points which was resonable. But now it went up 400 POINTS! The only reason i can think of them making it more points is because it 4 multiplayer maps instead of three. What do you think?
  4. i really dont care, i just want black ops, it looks good enough, im not complaining, mw2 is way worse
  5. yep, then again he could of said something else or it could mean something different then what we think but still, thats cool
  6. Great work, just have to read it now
  7. Dont really care, i just want zombies
  8. who even plays the ds version??
  9. it would be halarious if none of this was about black ops
  10. I use 5:Predator, 6:Percision Airstrike and a 7:helicopter. really easy to get all of them when you get a double kill with the predator
  11. Mines the MG-42. it sure packs a punch
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